Tuesday, January 28, 2014

absent minded journalist

think, think. her thoughts wandered.
she stared at the ceiling, the wall, out the window,
eveywhere except the page.
she held the pen in her hand, tapping it on her wrist.
the words evaded her and escaped her focus.
she sighed and rubbed her eyes.
not tonight i guess, she told herself,
maybe tommorow.
i will try it again tomorrow.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

au revoir

For some reason I just really like this....

"au revoir" he said, "until we meet again."
"don't go" she said, "i don't want it to end."
"i'll come back soon" he promised.
"i'll hold you to that."
"good bye."
she held back tears as he board the plane.
she kept her eyes on it, never looking away.
he found a chair near a window
he kept his eyes on her and only her
the plane lifted into the air and they both looked away.

two years later

he scanned over the crowd trying to catch a glimps of her face.
h didn't see her.
she promised he thought sadly, lifting his luggage.
he slowly walked away, his head down
she saw him and her heart leaped into her throat.
she ran to him and threw her arm around him.
"you're home again just like you promised me" she cried into his collar.
"and you're here too. i've always told you that i keep my promises." he smiled down at her.
"au revoir doesn't mean goodbye forever, only until we meet again."

Sunday, January 19, 2014

be careful

one word, many meanings.
simple word, two letters.
broken heart, unhappy frown.
one tiny word,
use with care, it could hurt.
don't forget, never forget.
words hurt, bear in mind.
words mislead, keep careful guard.
two letters, many meanings.
one may say no-
but mean something else.
if you say no, explain why.
it could hurt, disturb peaceful minds.
be careful with 'no'-
pain it might cause.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Unhappy Bush - A Short Story

so, i wrote a short story! i don't know where the "idea" came from, but i think it's kind of cute :)

There once was an unhappy bush, a little brown and thorny bush, resting in a sleepy garden, subdued by the falling snow. Two people came walking around and looked at the bush.
“That’s an ugly little bush.” Said the first person,
“It’s very ugly.” Agreed the second person and they both went on their way. The little brown bush heard this and started to weep. The wind heard the bush crying and blew over to it.
“Why do you cry, little bush?” the wind asked, rustling its little brown leaves gently.
“The people said I was ugly and it hurt my feelings because I know it’s true. I’m little and brown and ugly.” The little bush sobbed.
“You are not ugly, just young and cold. Just be patient and you will grow taller and you’re cold leaves with turn green. When this happens, I will come back and dance.” The wind said in a comforting voice and then blew away.
The little bush was thankful to the wind for being so nice and he believed what the wind said, so the bush waited.
The snow stopped falling and melted away; Spring was here! And just like the wind had said, the little brown bush grew taller and greener. And the wind came back and danced in the tall green bushes leaves.
The bush was happy and smiled all day and even at night while it slept.
One day, a child was playing by the garden when he noticed the beautiful green, tall bush.
“May I take a branch of your green leaves, beautiful bush?” Asked the child.
The bush was so happy at being called beautiful, that it told the child to take its most beautiful, green branch; the branch that held its biggest, prettiest leaves. But when the child grasped the branch, he cried out in pain. When the child pulled his hand away, a big drop of red blood slid down his hand.
“You tricked me!” The child cried, “Your branches are covered with thorns!” And the child ran away, holding his hand and tears falling down his face.
The grass outside the garden despised the bush.
“You tricked the child and poked him!” “What good are you if all you have are thorns?” “Nobody will like you know.”
And the bush began to weep again. “Now my beautiful leaves no longer matter because of my thorns.” it mourned.
Now the sun heard the bush weeping and he sent down warm, comforting rays of light.
“Do not cry, green bush. You didn't mean to hurt the child.” He said.
“But I did hurt him and now no one loves me. I only wanted to share my leaves because he was so kind to call me beautiful.” The bush lamented.
“The child didn't know about the thorns and in your moment of happiness you forgot to warn him. It was an accident.” He consoled the bush. “Go now and explain what happened. It wasn't right of the grass to blame you.”
So the green bush did and the grass listened to it then apologized for accusing the bush of hurting the child.
As spring wore on, the flowers in the garden grew their petals. They flaunted their colors and celebrated. The tall green bush celebrated with them.
The green bush smiled and sang and the wind sent its beautiful leaves dancing.
But then a flower asked, “Where are your petals, bush? The spring is almost done.” And all the other flowers heard the question and they all asked the bush the same question.
“I don’t know!” The bush exclaimed. “I thought I was just a bush.”
And the sun was hidden by grey rain clouds.
The flowers left the bush and went to play. So the bush looked up at the clouds and grew sad. Then the rain started to fall and the bush grew sadder.
“Don’t be sad, green bush, sleep.” The rain whispered. “Tomorrow you will be even more beautiful.”
So the bush slept and the next day when it woke up, it was surrounded by smiling and surprised faces.
“What’s the matter?” The bush asked.
“You have flowers!” the rest of the garden squealed with delight. “You are a rose bush!”
And the wind came and danced and danced and wafted the sweet fragrance of the bush’s roses for all to smell. The beautiful rosebush outlasted the other flowers. The two people came back and said the bush was beautiful. The child came back and all was forgiven when he found the red flowers peeping out of the green leaves.

And the tall, beautiful, green rosebush – which used to be little, ugly and brown, lived happily ever after.

your friend, maddie