Sunday, January 26, 2014

au revoir

For some reason I just really like this....

"au revoir" he said, "until we meet again."
"don't go" she said, "i don't want it to end."
"i'll come back soon" he promised.
"i'll hold you to that."
"good bye."
she held back tears as he board the plane.
she kept her eyes on it, never looking away.
he found a chair near a window
he kept his eyes on her and only her
the plane lifted into the air and they both looked away.

two years later

he scanned over the crowd trying to catch a glimps of her face.
h didn't see her.
she promised he thought sadly, lifting his luggage.
he slowly walked away, his head down
she saw him and her heart leaped into her throat.
she ran to him and threw her arm around him.
"you're home again just like you promised me" she cried into his collar.
"and you're here too. i've always told you that i keep my promises." he smiled down at her.
"au revoir doesn't mean goodbye forever, only until we meet again."


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