Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lazyness, pirates and autograph dreams...

Heyyyy everybody!

So today has been one of those extremely LAZY days:)
My parents and three little sisters are gone to the dentist and my brother Nathan and I volunteered to stay home:) woohoo;D
We've been having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon! We've got all the movies except the newest one and we haven't watched them in a while so why not?
It was a debate between LOTR or POTC... My bro has been more into pirates though and I let him decide;)

Actually, I'm glad he chose Pirates. I forgot how much I actually like the series. Johnny Depp did such a good job with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Also, I was texting with my bestie and she told me how she has his autograph. That got me thinking... Why don't I try to do an autograph album? I want to get the autographs of the casts from LOTR, The Hobbit, Star Wars (don't judge me I just love them.), Avengers, Narnia and Sherlock because it would be the most awesome thing on the universe.

Oh! We had to order book 3 of the Rangers Apprentice series and I wasn't supposed to get it for about 4 months but my mom picked up my holds from the library and lo and behold BOOK THREE WAS IN THE BOOK BAG!!!! I was sooo excited!

And! Guess what I get to do this fall? I get to be a volunteer Librarian and an explorer for the Fire Department:D being an explorer means I'm basically a volunteer without pay. 
I get to learn met basics or basic first aid. Because my dad is a Firefighter-Paramedic he has taught me a lot about first aid so I think I can ace the first couple classes.
I'd also get really get job references which will be really handy in the next few year.
Savvy? (Sorry;D I'm into pirates now xD thanks Nathan!)

Okay, the tele is calling! I'm off to watch the 3rd POTC!

Buh bye:)


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Chosen 4

Hey girls!
So, some of you will know that I LOVE photography and that I've been entering my pictures in our county fair.
Well, I've picked my 4 best and favorite photos! These'll be entered in August 12-13 and I'll have to live with the suspense of not knowing how well I did for a WEEK before the fair opens. Ugh....
BUT I'M SO EXITED! I love the fair! I love entering my works and getting critiques from the Pro's:)
Would you like to see the photos I've chosen? I'm sure you do:)

 This darling picture of my sister Allison:) Seriously. This. Picture. She HATES getting her picture taken so I was so happy to get her in this mood:D
 This is my cousin Hunter back in February:) He was sleeping on my bed, sooooo I thought it was a perfect time to practice with my new camera;)
 Mummy Hummy! So when we had the baby humming birds out I got some awesome pictures:) This is my best of the best though<3
My Lone Daisy! I'm extremely happy with how this photo turned out. It could have only been better if it was a perfectly round daisy. But no. Its a realistic flower:)

I'm hoping and praying that the Lord blesses me with good critiques and possibly a Blue and/or Red ribbon:) It's not really the ribbon that matters to me, it's knowing that I earned them and that they thought my photos were worth that high of a score. I've already been belles with 2 red ribbons and 1 blue ribbon over the last three years, and it means a lot to me<3

I'm also going to enter some beaded necklaces and some crochet hats and a bag I made:) to bad they don't have a division for creative writing or I'd be entering into that also!

I'll talk to you folks later:)  hope you all have a day blessed with lots of love, happiness, joy and laughter!

Sorry but I deleted a comment... I'll reply with a post:) 

Brittney Ann on *FANGIRLING*

OH MY WORD!!! He looks so so so cute!! LOL, I am SO EXCITED!!! I LOVE HTTYD!!!! It's awesome! I can't wait till it comes out!!! *happy dance* 

Hey Britt! Yeah Hiccups pretty cute for a cartoon:D I'm soooo excited!!! I'm dancing with you!
Your friend,

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is Hiccup next year... In "How To Train Your Dragon 2"... He grew up.... This movie is based 5 years after the 1st one.
I don't love Hiccup grown up, but he's one of my favorite guy characters of all time so I can't not like him.


Hiccup on Toothless!

Hiccup and Astrid!


The release date for HTTYD2 is June 20th, 2014. I know, its a year away. BUT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I'm a person who wants to do so much, but doesn't know how too go about it.
There's so many things to say, but I don't know how to say them. 
So many things to believe,that I want to believe, but I struggle with believing them.
There are so many stumbling stones in the path, I slow to a crawl to try to miss them, but I fall anyhow.
Tears I want to shed, but it's never the right time to cry.
Words I want to live by, I often forget them.
Songs I want to sing, but choke up when I try.
There are stages I want to stand on, but I get overwhelmed by stage fright.
So many jokes to tell, to shy to tell them.
So many people I want to meet, but I don't know how to talk.
Stories I want to write, some never get finished.
I want to laugh, but it's to serious a time.
I want to yell and play like a kid, but I'm to big for that.
Places to see, I can't afford to go.
Pictures I want to take, I always miss the best moment to capture.
There are things I want to make, but I don't have the right materials.
Time I want to spend alone, I'm always needed for something.
Time I want to spend with others, they're to busy that day.
I want to be secure and happy, but insecurity and worry often take over.
I want to feel safe, but I feel in danger.
Words I've said that I regret, I'm to ashamed to ask forgiveness.
Mistakes I've made, I'm forgiving but I can't forget.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teleportation, sad-ish, book work and I need your guys help.

Okay:) I'm back again! wow three posts in two days... whats with me? Am i finally ready to bring you guys the exciting blogger I've been trying to be? Haha, we'll see:)

So first off is the matter of Teteportation:
Yesterday i was texting with my best friend Silence (you can check out her AG blog here) and somehow the idea of Teleporting came up in our conversation.
See, we've only met once in our lives and have stayed friends for the last 4 (or 5... i can't remember) years. We live 4 hours away from each other and never get to meet up.  Sad, huh? yeah.
So we thought about how extremely awesome it would be if we could Teleport. We could visit each other every day! we could just POP up for lunch and sleepovers and we could travel the world FOR FREE! You don't have to buy any food because you could just zip back home for lunch.
HEY! I just realized! I could meet you guys!!!!!!!!  How cool would that be? Pretty fantastic, right?

Okayyyyy next comes... sadness.
1) I read Codebearers and I really liked the character Sam. Like he was the coolest dude ever. Then I find out he died. Oh my poor heart! Yet another heroic death of my favorite character:( I'm doomed to the fate of living with my favorites dying:'(
2) our school computer broke down and there was a book my sister Allison and I were writing and now it's lost:( no kidding we've been working on it for 2 years.
3)I need to rewrite and finish that spy book staring most of you. It's a disaster area.

Okay moving along to book work:)
1) I rewrote a horrible plot and turned it into a AMAZING adventure! I'll try to get it done soon so y'all can read it:D
2) I really need to fix up that spy book. The plot kept changing and things kept happening all confused and I forgot to make a bad guy. I know! How does one forget them?! Well, I can and did. So, I need to make a terrifyingly smart crazy bad guy. And I need a name for him.

Alrighty!!! Now I need your help! Please tell me about a good book or series that I can read! I've read almost all of the good books at our library and now I need recommendations for some killer reading material. Please will ya help? It'd be awesome if you did:D

Well, I gotta go but please pop in and comment me some of your favorite books:)

Signing off,

Monday, July 15, 2013

top 25 favorites

so i told you in my post before last how music has really grown on me. i've decided to tell my favorite songs:)

1) i want crazy - hunter hayes
2) home - deirks bently
3) gold - britt nicole
4) live while we're young  - one direction
5) wanted - hunter hayes
6) God gave me you - blake shelton
7) lego house - ed sheeran
8) dreams and disasters - owl city
9) amnesia - owl city
10) days go by - keith urban
11) if i die young - the band perry
12) summer love - one direction
13) little things - one direction
14) red - taylor swift
15) hello seattle - owl city
16) crazy girl - eli young band
17) only prettier - miranda lambert
18) you - chris young
19) you gonna fly - keith urban
20) night train - jason aldean
21) just a kiss - lady antebellum
22) all your life - the band perry
23) put on your headphones - britt nicole
24) colder weather - zac brown band
25) up all night - one direction

there you are:) my top 25 favorite songs on my playlist. so i love country music, like some light rock and i'm enjoying britt nicoles christian rap:)

see ya later alligator!

Lets help her get to 150 followers!

So, the amazing blogger, Storyteller, is going to have a blog design give away when she gets to 150 followers on her blog Storyteller of Weston County and will update a few things:

1) She's going to rename her blog.
2) She's going to redesign her blog.
3) She's going to tell us her REAL first name.

Yeah, I'm pretty SUPER excited.
Storyteller was one of the first blogs I followed. I've been dying to know her real name, but not in a creepy way. Just as a curiosity deal. I LOVE her designs so I can't wait to see what she'll do. I can't wait to know the new blog name she'll pick.
So why don't we help her? Lets all put her link up and ask people to follow her:D
You'd have to be crazy to pass over her blog. She's so talented and sweet! And random :D I love that she's random.
So, anyone following me who doesn't follow Storyteller; Please check out her blog(s)! I promise you won't regret following her:D
Anyone following me who already follows her; LETS GET HER TO 150!!!!

I'm totally excited! She's sooooo close with her large sum 136 followers now:) lets see how fast we can get her to her goal!

Your hopping excited blogger,

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Books and Music<3

So I'm reading a FANTASTIC new series that I'm pretty sure at least three of you have read.
Rangers Apprentice. 
Oh yeah.  I practically devoured the first two and I have books 3 and 4 on hold. I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!!  The only problem is that it does use 'the D word' a few times and it does sometimes uses the Lords name in vain.
When I first started reading book 1 I was a little unsure that I would like it. I know, I know. If I like LOVE Lord Of The Rings and Knights Of The Round Table why wouldn't I like this series? I don't know. I don't know what in the world I was thinking! It's amazing!
I'm going to be honest and say that in the beginning of book 1, I HATED Horace. I honestly can't believe I felt like that. And I think my favorite of favorites is Halt. I love that he's so serious. I love that he's humble. And I adore the relationship he has with Will. I love that Will means so much to him. And yes, Will is awesome too:D he's just so awesome I can't pick out what I love most about his character!

The next series I'm going to read is.............
I've been wanting to read this for a while now after I kept seeing it show up in comments or blog posts. I'm going to start book 1 tonight:)

Honestly over the last couple months I've realized how much reading really does mean to me. It's like a spoonful of sugar after a taste of life's medicine;)

I've also realized how much music means to me now. I randomly realized the other day that I can't write without listening to something. I can't do schoolwork without it. I know it's really strange:-/ but it really has been a thing lately:)
That's why I've got a whole pile of CD's on hold at the library too! Taylor Swift, One Direction, Owl City, Hunter Hayes, Britt Nicole and I tried to look for an Ed Sheeran CD but my library doesn't have one:-/ I need to find some CD's by Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Toby Mac and.... I can't remember his name! Ugh! I'll tell you if I remember:P

Whale..... I'm gonna go and bury myself in a Codebearers book;D


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Um, bad news.

The horse jumped the fence and ran into the woods not 5 minuets after I posted.
Please pray we can find her and that she'll calm down.

Weirdness in my life today.

I'm not kid of when I say I'm witnessing the weirdest thing in the world.

So, the people who are renting our pasture brought up 2 female lamas a couple days ago and this morning they brought three male alpacas.
I haven't made friends with the lamas because they are super aggressive and they spit at you. It's gross:-/
Well, we put the three alpacas in the pasture and pulled off their leashes and they raced to the lamas and started chasing them!
So, they put their front legs on the lamas and just chased/followed them trying to gain dominance. 
The lamas are spitting and the poor things are exhausted...
It's really weird.

Oh! They also brought up a beautiful Mustang/Pinto horse! She's so pretty and strong! Her name is Cinders:) I'll do my best to get you a picture of her! 
Right now, I'd rather not due to all the chaos:-/ the poor horse is scared out of her mind because its a new home and there are crazy looking long necked beasts going bananas.
Later gators!

Monday, July 1, 2013

head in the stars

i'm just a girl, her head in the stars waiting, hoping, dreaming. 
shoot for the moon and if you miss you land among the stars.
those in history did the same, they each had a dream to fulfill.
some athletes have a dream to fly or run or swim. 
some artists dream to be the next Picasso or Van Gogh.
i have a dream to travel and sing and write.
whats the difference between them and i?
a different time, subject, place, era divides us 
but we are all human, equal and precious.
i'm learning and believing, praying and laughing.
i'm just a girl with her head in the clouds hoping, waiting, dreaming.


Hey everyone!

So first off I just want thank you for all your prayer for our calf. it really means a lot:) unfortunately, our little calf passed away Saturday night:'( we ended up figuring out what was the matter and doing an emergency operation in the middle of the night... she did okay while we were taking care of her but she was gone in the morning:(

but i promised you guys pictures of the animals so here they are:D

this is Nanny, the milk goat.

this is T Bone, who was sold at action a few days ago.

this was Piper, the one who died:( she was a beautiful little heifer!

these are two of the pigs:) 

this is a pig too but hes like a Kune-Kune or something... he's like a tank! 

these are the sheep. Mary and her little Lamb ;) 

this is Charlie and the little white one is Bunk. he wouldn't let me get a good picture of him:-/

this is Oreo! he's brand new! like seriously he's like 3 days old. he's so soft and silky!

this is Bambi:) i love him<3 he's so gentle and calm! he's 4 days old.

I love both of the calves, but Oreo is so rough and energetic... They're both cute ADORABLE though:)
Saturday night these two were brought to our house and put in a pen along with poor sick Piper. when we were doing the operation Bambi kept getting in the way and was trying to eat us, so it was my job to keep him busy. I fed him and he kept sucking on my hands, fingers, shirt ans pants. i was covered with slobber! it was so gross xD
today while i was watching Oreo finish eating he chased me out the pen door! he was trying to suck on my favorite pair of shorts. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! lol:)
We also have chickens and some ducks but I didn't get any good pictures of them.

so what are all of you going to do for 4th of July? hope you're going to have a good time:D

GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT IS STILL HERE! hopefully it doesn't leave. but hey just to be safe, i recommend getting Bloglovin! i like it way better than google reader:)

later my awesome followers!