Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hello lovelies:)

I hope that your day is amazing and that you have an amazing time with your friends, family and food! I am blessed beyond what I deserve to have been able to connect with you guys. I consider you all friends and I hope that we may someday meet!

I'm going to provide a short list of things I am extremely thankful for<3

1) The overwhelmingly Awesome God I have. Without him I would be nothing.
2) My amazing, slightly overprotective parents:) I honestly don't know what I would be if they weren't there to keep me safe every step of the way.
3) My crazy yet adorable siblings:) Who would I be if I couldn't be the big sister to these amazing kids?
4) All of my good friends who are like family to me. They are so encouraging, so sweet and so loving. Again, who would I be without them? They've all seen my faults, but they still love me and love me even more. That is such a blessing to me.
5) My home.
6) My privilege to be a Fire Explorer. It's so much fun and its really cool to be able to be a part of the community! Fire Fighters are some of my favorite "cape-less hero's." They risk their lives to protect others regularly. I'm very thankful for that and I'm blessed to be able to be around these people and I'm happy to be considered their friend.
7) I am thankful for the other teenagers who are in the Explorer group. I've been able to 'make friends' and my brother and I have met these two other home schooled kids who aren't Christian, but they're tons of fun:)
8) Of course you guys!!!
9) That God gave me the ability to write my book. I didn't know that I could do what I have been doing.
10) I'm thankful for the encouragement that people have extended to me concerning my writing:)
11) I'm thankful that God made me my own unique person, and for the talents he's given me:)
12) Finally, I'm thankful for thankfulness.

Okay! There you have it! Blessings to you all on this and every day!!!

Your friend,

P.S. Does anyone have the real link for downloading Gimp, the photo editor? Would you please leave it in a comment? Thanks:)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

help needed

Hey guys:)

So, I've been writing this book, see (of course you know about it. ;] )... And I got this BRILLIANT (maybe) idea; Because my book is kind of "Medieval" in a very fantasy way, I thought it would be sort of fun to throw in some legendary characters. Like, maybe King Arthur and Merlin? Robbin (Hood) of Locksley? Possibly Maid Marian and Little John?
My book is total fantasy. Supposedly a long forgotten land...? But I want my characters to have the same legendary 'hero" feel as the tales people love and adore.
I guess my point of this post is-
1.) Do you like the idea of adding other well known "people" (please be honest. I want to know how this would come across to other persons of the writerly league.)?
And 2.) Do you know of other medieval characters from fairy tales that you would like to see in my book or more well known if my book -perhaps- gets published?
Leave me a comment because I would really appreciate some feedback.

Thank you for all your lovely comments the other day!!! I've missed you guys (I know I keep saying that, but its true.)


Saturday, November 9, 2013

WAIT! Don't kill me yet!!

Okay, please I beg that you hear me out before you come at me with swords drawn, lightsabers ignited, bows held at the ready etc.
My life has been crazily wild and what little free time I've had I've either been reading or writing. But I'm really sorry that I haven't posted in like a month. I don't really have any excuses that would cover that.

I have decided that November is both the most terrifying and most wonderful time of the year. And no, I don't mean just because it's cold weather and that I'll get to stuff myself on fabulous foods during Thanksgiving. 
I'm talking about... *cue long, tense music for suspense* National Novel Writing Month. *GASPS OF HORROR*
I've never participated in the challenge before. But I decided to take it up this year.
You all know about my book Twelve Blades Of War. I'm happy to report that it has grown to the surprising amount of 11625 words. I've never been a very motivate writer. It's like, "okay. Story idea. Lets see how much I can do before I'm bored with it." up until now. I've always wanted to be a big writer, but I was bored with my stories before I got the first chapter down. Yeah, I know. It's very sad. So many ideas have died. *cries as I walk through the graveyard of buried hopes*
So this is really a huge thing and a great motivation for me. I'm actually writing a novel! That thought alone has been stunning. It's been on my bucket list to write a book before I turned 16. I am actually doing this. AHHHHH!!!!!!

But yes. Other than making my brain shriek of overuse and trying to get ideas from reading, and of course school, I have no excuse for completely abandoning you guys. 
Strike me down if you may, but I'm asking for your forgiveness. It up to you to steady your hand or let all of your dissapiontment loose.

Haha, I love you guys:)