Sunday, February 24, 2013

Please Pray

So hello everyone.  This isn't going to be a very happy post... At all.

I would just like to ask you to pray for my family and extended family.  Within the last 365 day I've lost 3 family members.

Back in June I lost a very good friend named Bob Fox.  He was the one I bought my guitar from.  He was like the funniest goofiest uncle in the world.  I really miss him.  He left behind 4 great kids and a lovely wife of over (i think) 30 years.

A couple weeks ago I lost my great grandpa on my moms side.  I never got to know my Grandfather very well.  And I regret that.

Early Friday morning I lost my Great Grandma Gilbertson on my papa's side.
The last few years have been difficult for her and for the last 2 or 3 years she was...  I don't want to say crazy, but she was reliving her past - in a manor of speaking.  Remembering trips, birthday parties, grand babies being born...  Odd little things that happened over 20 years ago.
My grandpa Gilbertson isn't saved and he just lost his wife of 65(+) years.  I love my grandpa....  I'm scared he will die of a broken heart.  My dad talked with him and he said he didn't have anything else to live for.
He is over 90 years old, he raised 12 kids and kept 2 jobs for 40 years.  He still works every day.  He has stories to tell, experience to share and if he hadn't started a family, I wouldn't be alive.  My dad wouldn't be alive.  It's because of him I am me and I have a family whom I love dearly.  He has us to live for.  And I want him to know that.

Please pray that my widowed friend Mrs. Fox and her kids will be okay.  Please pray that my widowed grandmother will be okay.  Please pray that my grandpa will be okay.  Please pray that my family will help them.

I'm sorry if I completely ruined your day or made you sad, but I felt like I needed to share.  It's hard and I know that you guys will pray for my family :')

I love you guys:)


Monday, February 18, 2013

I apologize/can I give you a Hebrew lesson???


Yes.  I'm still alive.  My family has "limited" wi-fi connection and we some-how used up 95% and it did not reset till today.  So I was only allowed to be on for 20 minuets or so:-D  But I'm back now;-)

I want to learn languages.  I really want to be a Travelling R.N. (aka Registered Nurse) so I need to know a few more languages....  I want to learn Hebrew, German, French (what girl doesn't???), and Scottish Gaelic.
A friend of mine found a website that gives free "Conversational Hebrew" lessons.

I can show you some words in English-Hebrew which is Hebrew spelled and taught in English.

Tov = Good;  Boker = Morning

Boker + Tov = Good Morning.

Cool huh? 

Yeled = Boy 
Yeled Tov = Good Boy

Kelev = Dog
Kelev Tov = Good Dog

Yom = Day
Yom Tov = Good Day

Laila = Night
Laila Tov = Good Night

And ya' want to know something crazy?  The words "Hi" and "Bye": people in Israel have adopted those into their language!  

How about this: A greeting and goodbye.

Shalom = Hello; Peace 
(and it can mean tons of other things too.)

Lehitraot = Good bye.

Yes and No:

Ken = Yes

Lo = No

Thank You:

Toda = Thank You; Thanks

Alright; Okay:

Beseder = Alright; Okay

Ex.  Ze beseder = It is Okay
Hakol beseder = Everything is alright.

Okay is also a common word in Hebrew also:-D

Okay:-)  I'll quit pestering you!  

Lehitraot!  Good Bye;-)


P.S.  I had a dream last night in German.  Like, that's the language everyone was speaking.  And, I was trying to speak it and people knew what I was saying.  It was very odd....

P.S.S.  I had another dream that I walked into a crowed and it was all of you guys!  It was awesome!  AND.  Everyone who was in the Unusuals all had the powers of their characters!  It was awesome!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

One Of My Favorite Published Writers

Lois Lowery!  
I've been working on reading all o' her books, when I discovered a series!   I was surprised when I, totally by mistake, read them in line!

The 1st one: The Giver

Gathering Blue

Book 3: Messenger

And the newest book: Son

I enjoy them, I hope you would too:-D

There are still more books I've been wanting to read, but they are currently on hold at our local library...

Night Folks:-D


Monday, February 4, 2013


OH MY WORD OH MY WORD OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HOPE YOUR FREAKING OUT AS MUCH AS I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm afraid this has unlocked my inner geek!!  I AM GOING TO DIE!

Wait!  Look at that picture!  Is that....  Is it Scarlet Johansson?  Black widow?  Natasha Romanoff?!??!?!?!?

Freaking out right now!  Just saying!!!!!!



Sorry I haven't been posting everyone.  My life has been slightly hectic.  That and where I live we get really slow internet.....  

*WARNING This Post may be very random!*

My sisters, Allison and Sadie, had to go to the dentist and they got teeth pulled and filled.  

My Dad just changed jobs (on the 1st.).  

I've been doing school.

We've been at a friends house.

I've been playing guitar a lot.

I've been dreaming up an awesome story plot.

I've been knitting and crocheting, trying to save up money for my dream camera.

My 15th birthday is on the 23rd this month.  I can't believe I'm going to be 15.  It's almost a scary thought.

I'm totally pumped for the 4th Unusuals! (Hey Storyteller, I'm going to put the 2nd and 3rd Unusual buttons on my blog too, I just haven't gotten that far...  I hope the 4th gets done soon!)

I want more than anything to be a Professional Photographer/Published Writer!!!

I wish I was better at blogging....  'Cause I enjoy you guys so much<3

I'm home alone (except my baby sister, Rebekah).

OH MY WORD!!!  She just this second pulled out a tooth!!!!!!  

Can I have your Pinterest account links???  That is if your comfortable with sharing them:-D

I think voice acting would be fun:-D  

Just got done watching "Rango".

I like :) Smiley (: faces.

I need to make a birthday list....  Preferably a what-I-want-for-my-birthday Pinterest board....

I like The Peanuts<3  My favorite one is Linus<3 

My sister Allison and I have been reading a series called, "The Wolves Of The Beyond" by Kathryn Lasky, the lady who wrote the "Guardians of Gahoole" series.  
My sister (Allison), (sadly) HATES reading.  Or so she says.  I have NEVER in my LIFE seen her so absorbed in a book!  Or rather 4 books...    I'll admit I like them myself...

I can't wait for the weekend!!!!!  

I love country music<3

I really want my dream camera.....  I want to travel<3

We might be going to Idaho in November!!!  I'm excited:-D  (hopefully I can get my camera before then)

Soooooo...  I guess you can tell I want A Camera.  

I know the beginning to "Black Bird" by the Beatles on my guitar<3

I'll go now:-D