Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions/bucket list

This is my list of New Years resolutions/bucket list.

1. Post more often.
2. Actually finish a brain-stormed book plot.
3. Overcome stage-fright.
4. Try to get all A's in school.
5. Go to a Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe concert. (I know this one is kinda lame but I wanna hear them in person!)
6. Be better at emailing back to people.
7. Save enough moo-la (money, but you probably already know that) to buy the fancy camera I want.
8.  Do a "continuing story" like Storyteller does with the Jessica Bender letters(?). (you'll have to go check Storytellers blogs to know what I'm talking about.)
9. Write a best selling Novel.
10. Finish writing The Chronicles of Dwopulous before March. (it's a long story....:-D)
11. Get the lego Lord of the Rings video-game:-D
12. Do my best at everything I can do.
Bye, ya'll!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'll be gone...

till tomorrow:-D  Yesterday was my daddies birthday, and tonight is his "surprise party."  yeah I'm kinda bummed, because it a grown up party.  No kids, no teens.  Darn.  but in the mean time i'll be going to my Aunt Susie's house along with my siblings to baby-sit my 11 year old cuz' Mitchel.  My aunt is going to pick us up at 2:00.   And I'll be back home around 12:30 tomorrow.

What are all ya'll gonna do for this here new years eve? (imaging I'm talking in a southern accent.)

My mom is going to my cuz' Mackenzie's house for an "ugly sweater party."  That's also a grown up party so I'll be watching mi sib's and my cuz' Mitchel at my house.

Bye folks!

Friday, December 28, 2012

bee bop bo bah...

I'm not posting.  I'm telling you I'm not when I really am.  KA-WAE-ZEE.

Black, white and Jack the Fiddle. +=+=+=+=+=+
I yike wieting klazy.  I am in a very random mood.  I'm positive you didn't notice. 
I am extreamly boared and it is 11:56 at night. 


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The new best thing!!!

You gotta go try FotoFlexer!!!  It's a free photo editing program:-D  It's cooler than PicMonkey in someways, worse in others.  It has some way cooler fonts though!!!  Go cheack it out!!!!


Entry Redo (sorry)

Okay so my book cover entry won't show up so I'm posting the link to it here.
And the contest is over at Storytellers place!  Thanks for following everyone!

And I also want to thank Storyteller for designing my blog!   This blog design is based on The Unusuals by Storyteller:-D  And I'm one of the main characters:-D  My name in the story is Madeline Ann Fletcher (Maddie), so it should be pretty to remember:-D 

Thanks, Storyteller, for writing the story, letting me be a "main" and having this bookcover contest!!!!!


P.s.  Do I have any contestants for my writing contest???

Monday, December 24, 2012

I got to see it!

Yes yes yes YES!!!!  Yesterday my Dad took my bro' and I to see
The Hobbit!!!!!!!!
They did a really good job:-D  The songs where really good too!
"Bend the forks and smash the plates that's what Billbo Baggins hates!"
I can's wait till they finish the other part(s)!!!
Later everyone!
Maddie May

P.S.  Check out my Pinterest page!  

My entry!

I'm entering a book cover contest for Storyteller at Storyteller of Weston County
Here it is:

Hope ya like it!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Love these folks!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love these folks. 
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
On one side you have the handsome, sweet, romantic Italian who can sing like a bird,  and on the otherside, the goofy, sweet, happy-go-lucky guy who can't sing one note in tune:-D 
They are best friends:  Dean always protecting Jerry, and Jerry-well....Being protected.

My two favorite movies of them are "The Stooge" and "Scared Stiff."

I'm going to do a whole bunch of pics of them now:-)

I might as well tell you now....  I am a sucker for goofy guys.   My Favorite of this team is totally Jerry Lewis.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Joke:-D

Three ducks where in court.
The Judge asked the 1st duck,
"What is your name?"
"My name is Quack."
The Judge asked,"Why are you here?"
"I got caught throwing Bubbles in a pond."
The Judge called the 2nd duck.
"What is your name?"
"My name is Quack Quack."
"Why are you here?"
"I got caught throwing Bubbles in a pond."
The Judge called the third duck.
"Please don't tell me that your name is Quack Quack Quack!"
"No sir.  My name is Bubbles."

My brother told me this joke:-D  I thought it was kinda funny:-)


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

update on photography page/i made these!

American Girl doll Crochet snow-suit!!!

Go on to my photography page please!  I put on like 13 pictures more!!!  Tell me what's your fav'!



Hi everyone.  For the last 6 years I've been keeping a diary.  For the last six years I've always written a special note on these types of dates. I never thought about never being able to do it again in my lifetime.  Sadness....  Sort of....    Did you ever think of these days as special?

First night of Hanukkah

Okay, as you know I am Torah-Observant.  That means I follow all of the biblical holidays.  And some that aren't biblical.  Such a one is (drum-roll, please....).....  Hanukkah!  Eight lights, eight nights and gelt.  Tonight will be the 4th night of Hanukkah (or chanukkah, hannuka, hanuka, chanuka... the list of spelling goes on and on....).  That's a pic' of the first night^

Nathan Allison and Dale
I have a prayer request!  My brother Nathan and sister Allison made friends with one of our neighbors.  His name is Dale.  He is in his 80's....  We got a call from him the other day saying that he was gonna be gone for a month.  He's going in for open heart surgery:-(  He'll be in the hospital for about a week then he'll spend another 3 weeks with his daughter...  That's a picture of all of them^

The prettiest pirate~
Okay.  I honestly could NOT help myself.  I had to post this picture!  My dad made a pirate hat out of a leather cowboy hat.  And the eye patch is leather too.  I make the beard to complete his costume!  My lovely sister Rebekah is modeling it for me:-D

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here's a givaway!

Hi everyone I'm posting about a giveaway at American Girl Central!!!  Go and check out this blog if you like!!!


P.s.  I hope to see some really awesome story entries!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ah! A contest!

Oh my goodyness I can't belive it!  I got my 10th follower!!!!!!!!!!  So I promised a writing contest!

Okay!  10 people have to chose 1 of the 5 themes.
1. Dolls (for those of you who love dolls)
2. Dream (for those who are writing a story out of a dream)
3. Place (for those of you with chatacters in a place you love)
4. Time (a certain time period you like)
5. Random (just a random story!)

Rules.  No mystical creatures.  No magic.  No creepy stuff. No lovey-dovey stuff.  Leave a link with you story in a comment.

Contest starts at 5:00 P.M. today.  Contest ends on the 26th of January at 5:00 P.M.

Okay with that being said.  May the best writer win!


P.S.  Hey!  Jst realized that this is my 50th post!!!!!!  What a proper thing for a 50th aniversery!
Thanks for following my everybody!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Say Hello...

...To Captain America's evil twin!!!!  Okay. I'm joking.  It's not his evil twin...  But never the less...  I would like you to meet...
...CAPTAIN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know!  Incredible....
That's cool that they have a cool superhero guy, but serioulsy?  They are stealing Captain America's outfit and face!  I'll prove!

Hmmm...  I recognise that scene...  But from what movie???
Oh. This one is histarical!  Forget Steve Rogers red white and blue suit...  Or star on sheild!

Am I the only one suprised?  Nope...  My dad was even more suprised than I was...

Why is this funny to me?  Well for one reason where I live i can look accros the water into Canada.  Another reason is because I know a Canadian guy and he's a goof ball.  Wait till I show...

Honestly, I'm not sure why I chose to post this...  It made me laugh, I hope you laugh too:-D

P.S.  LOL...  Here comes Captain China...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Real quick!

I did a quiz over at Storytellers and i'm a Winter girl!  I am proudly adding this picture to my sidebar!!!

Winter girl and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Chronicles of Narnia

Hi folks!  I have been lately reminded of how much I love Narnia.  Any picture you see below are off of google!

It seems like I have connection with Prince Caspian...  Like I can understand him....  I'm not sure why... That's weird isn't it?

And I love all of them!

Favorite scene:

Ummm...  Speachless..

She is the best actress the could have picked for this character!

More Caspian...  He is better looking in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


The whole crew!!!

I love the movies and the books.

I love Narnia.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi everyone! 

I just wanted to stop by and tell you what I've been up to:-) 

I've been working on a book.  for the last 3 days, I've been writing pages at a time!  I still haven't thought of a proper name for it, but have been calling it, "Beyond The Tree."  It's sort of like The Magicians Nephew...  But then it's not.....  I'll have to give you a preveiw one of these days!

My poor wrist has been worn to a frazzle:-D  I've been crochetting lot's and lot's! 

My cousin Perry let me borrow, "Out of the Silent Planet." by C. S. Lewis!!!  It's the first book in his Science-Fiction trillogy!

Are you excited about Thanksgiving?  What are you going to do? 

Hey, as soon as I reach 10 followers, I'm going to have a writing contest! Deal?

Panda bears are my favorite animals.  I don't like snakes.

If you ask nice, i might design something special for your blog<3

Okay!  I'll let you get back to your day!!!!

Oh and Storyteller, I promise that I'll post your "tag/award" thing you awarded me!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Really quick! I found my ipad!


I've finally decided that i want to get an iPad.  A black iPad. The only problem was, it didn't have a key board...  Or a USB port.... Or an SD card slot....   But!  I found a keyboard (i want one so i don't have to be touching the screen ALL THE TIME!), black of course, an SD inverter, and a USB inverter (the USB and SD inverter are on the same little device).  SO I'M SAFE:-D  YAY! 

Here is the link to the iPad i want:-D  And the inverter I would need.  And the keyboard i would like to have:-D

later gators!


Storytellers design contest. My entry!


I'm entering in a design for Storytellers design contest!!!!  YAY!  Here is my entry!!!

Simple I know...    But that is what I'm all about!!!!  I like more simple styles:-D

Hope ya'll like it!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why the change?


I know!  I'm posting the next day!  WOW!  

I was just thinking about how 2 years ago, or even last year, I would have been happy with some little 5 dollar trinket from Wal-Mart....  
But now, now that I've sorta figured out what I want to do, I want some pretty expensive things....
That Canon Rebel camera I want, that is like $1,248.99.  Alone.  With one lens.  Ouch.  
I'm going to buy that though.  I think it would be better if I bought it, then I would have a sense accomplishment.  
And as for Apple iProducts, I've been wanting one of the iPods.  But after a while, i decided on a tablet of some sort.  I would have been happy with beads, books, books on tape, a CD, or new headphones.
Why the change in expense and style?  Why the sudden choice?

Curious, isn't it?   What kind of things have changed for you?  A series of books, or change of color?  


P.S.  I'm in just an odd mood....  wanting to jot things down that have no real importance.

Hope I'm not boring you to death!!!!  :-D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

silliness.. My opinion about my post!

This is going to be, most likely, boaring...  I just want to tell a little about myself.

I was thinking of things I could post about last night as I tried to fall asleep.  I finally decided to tell what kind of person I am.

I am a girl with a vivid imagination.  I love to sing in my head, and dance in my heart.  I have many types of hobbies.  Some of the charectors I've made up are my best friends.  I keep a journal and she is named Mary Jane Joyclyn.  I address her as Mary, or Jane, or Joyce:-D 
I love to crochet:-D  I'm setting up a little hat shope!  I want to get a really expensive camera. It's a Canon EOS Rebel T4i Digital SLR Camera
It's big, heavy, and my dream!

I can't decide between an iPad, or a Microsoft Surface...  Which do you think?
 Here's the ipad. Yes I want a black one:-D
And here is the 'Surface.^Surface with Windows RT

Which one?????  I'm going to try and weedle one from my parents for an early birthday present!  LOL, maybe.  My dad was the one who said I was going to need one for my crochet shope:-D  As long as he buy's it, I'm fine:-D  Jk.  I can buy one....  After I buy my really 'spensive camera!

So, was it boaring?


Monday, October 29, 2012

I adore I love Lucy:-D

Hello everyone!  I'm such a bad poster!  I'm afraid I'm not the funnest blog in the world....  Oh well!  

Before I say anything, I would like to ask you all to pray for the East-coast!  Hurricane Sandy is hitting it bad:-(  I have family that live over by Wash. D.C.!  Please pray!  I heard that they have been calling the hurricane the "frankenstorm."  Not on national news of course...  Heard it on a Canadian radio station.

Okay.  I love Lucy.  Seriously.  I. Love. Lucy!  I got a cute thing off of Chatty Kathy's blog!  I'm not close to most of these yet, but I'm pretty close!

  • Whenever you see a golf game or someone watching golf you feel the great urge to tell out, "Dormie!"
  • You randomly find yourself saying "dun't" instead of "don't."
  • You often find yourself sawing "dawnsy" when someone asks you, "How are you feeling?"
  • The word "Tropicana" does not evoke thoughts of orange juice,  but more appropriately, a nightclub.
  • You find that you can sing along to every Ricky Ricardo song word for word.
  • Whenever you hear a saxophone playing it sounds like "Glo Worm" to you, even if it isn't.
  • "I tippy tippy toed through my garden..."
  • You keep waiting for "Real Gone With the Wind" to come out.
  • The last name "McGuilicuddy" holds a special place in your heart.
  • The names "Flo Pauline Lopos", "Marian Strong", "Carlotta Romero" and "Joe Harris" all sound familiar to you.
  • You teared up when Lucy and Ricky cried at the end of  Ricky's "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me".
  • You have always wanted to stomp grapes with your feet.
  • You have ever wanted a bottle of "Vitavetavegamin."
  • Forget about Tennessee Williams; it's Tennessee Ernie.
  • "623 East 68th Street, Apartment 3D" is more than just an address to you. (If this address was real, then the Ricardos and Mertzes would be living in the East River!)
  • You know how to speak Martian.
  • "The time has come" sounds really familiar.
  • You always wonder who the real Madame X was.
  • Lucy Ricardo wasn't born in Jamestown, New York. She was born in West Jamestown (which, in reality, does not exist).
  • The words "hatchet" and "water cress" go together.
  • Stealing John Wayne's footprints from Grumman's Chinese Theater makes a lot of sense to you.
  • When you think of a nightclub, you do not think of dimly lit lounges with techno music pulsing through it, but Club Babalu.
  • "Black lace blue jeans" rings a bell.
  • You know all the lyrics and the dance steps to Lucy and Van Johnson's "How About You?"
  • You stopped subscribing to TV Guide when they put "I Love Lucy" second on their list of "The Greatest TV Shows of All Time."
Isn't it funny?  I dun't understand how people CAN'T love that show!

Okay,  time for me to go:-(   

Goodbye folks!  And thank's for the awards...  I'm sorry I don't have time to post them!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hello, hello!

Hi everyone! 

Remember a few post's back I told you that there was a shooting not far from here?  And that the guy who did the shooting didn't get caught?  Well I come with glad tidings!  They caught him today!  Phew!  It seem's like the guy has been in jail before....  That makes me feel 2x better about him being caught.  Thank ya'll for praying!

We watched the Avengers!!!!  You CAN NOT tell me that you haven't seen the preveiws for it!  Well, IT'S AWESOME! 
All of you know that I'm a big Star Wars fan.  My 2nd favorite series in the WORLD is the Marvel movies!  The movies I've watched in the order I watched them:  Iron Man 2, Iron Man (don't ask why I didn't watch the 1st one first.  My parents actually forgot we didn't wacth it.  How does that happen?), Thor, Captain America, The Avengers. 

Two days after we watched the Avengers, my dad bought the movie!  There was one part I almost died over:  Hulk crashes through the Stark building and charges Loki.   Loki yelles: "Enough!  All you lowlife are beneath me!  I will not be bullyed by-..."  Hulk grab's Loki by the foot and beat's him on the ground 3 times lookes at him and then beats him on the ground twice more.  Loki lays on the ground stunned and moans.  Hulk walks away and says,"Puny god."  And Loki just lays there.
I laughed SO HARD!  Yeah, yeah I know it's brutal...  But, Loki saying that Hulk couldn't "bully" him and then getting smashed.  It's just to much!  You've got to watch the movie folks, but I recomend a clear-play dvd player...  There weren't lot's of bad words, but there where a few...
Here are the actors who played in it:  Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Cap. America), Mark Ruffalo (Dr. Banner), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson), Cobie Smulders (Agent Hill), Stellan Skarsgård (Erik Selvig) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick fury).

My little sister Rebekah is going to be 7 on the 19th!  She want's to be an actress!  She want's to act with the folks from The Avengers:-D  Silly girl.  I'm making a video with her as the lead charactor:-)

Soooo, on my side-bar I've got my "followers" gadget.  Is it showing up right?  Like, is it configuring?  Will everyone following me leave a comment?


P.S.  Hey!  It's my 40th post aniversary!  Thank you for following me!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm back!

Hello hello hello!

I'm finally back!  I'm sorry it took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long!!!!!!!! 

Our campout went great.  And right after that we started school!  So I've been busy with school:-D  Just in-case you where wondering, I am home-schooled!  I'm going to put up a page about my photography!  I'm not sure how soon, but I will!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Week Of Silence...

Hello!  So one of my blogger friends is having a "Do A Week Of Silence" contest thing...  And I'm going to do it!  You either limit yourself to 30 min. OR you get off completely...  I'm not promising that I can get on for an half-hour, but I'll try to keep an eye on posts!
Fortunately, this makes a good excuse for me...  My family is doing a week long camping trip.  So I won't be STARVING for blogger!

So I guess this is goodbye for a while *sniff*  I'll still try to, like, publish comments and little things like that... Bye folks!  I'll miss ya!


P.S.  Okay..  This is the girl who posted about the "week of silence." Go there for instructions:-D
P.S.S.  Can i ask a favor?  Everyone who has awarded me, will you please a comment for each one?  I'm awful at re-posting them but I'm going to try!  Thanks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012



Yesterday was my little brother's 13th birthday.  He's not so little anymore.  He's a young man. 

My brother reminds me a lot of King David.  My brother is like a Shepard.  He guards and makes sure nothing happens to our little sisters, and, even myself.  I am very blessed to have his as my brother.

Be thou blessed my brother, as Ephraim and Manasseh.  May you be a blessing unto Israel and all  mankind.  Amen. 

(I kinda edited this blessing^....  It's a Hebraic blessing for the son's of Israel.  I changed it to brothers.) 

Well, sorry it's not that exciting.... 


Friday, September 21, 2012

The post ya'll have been waiting for....


I'm here and I'm going to do a long(ish) post!!!

Okay.  My brother and dad came back from their hunting trip.  They didn't get anything.  BUT!  They went hunting with buddy,  and he did:-D  And he gave us half of the Elk as a hunting deal.  Then came the really (NOT) fun project of butchering the elk.
Since I've been around this all my life the sight of raw meat, slimy and bloody, it really doesn't bother me.  Actually, I'm used to watching deer being butchered.  It takes around 8 hours to butcher a deer...   It took around 15 hours to butcher the whole elk.  We can butcher and wrap meet almost as good as a pro. meat shop.  This is the process;  Cut meat, clean meat, cube meat, wrap meat, freeze meat.  A very long and tiring cycle.

Very quickly I must tell you that my dad works at the Fire Department closest to where we live.  Last year, we hosted a Fire Department potluck gathering.  This year we weren't sure if we would host one again.  Well....  The day after we butchered the elk, we found out that we were going to.  And it was planned  on the 16th.  5 days after the elk was taken care of.  I hadn't been able to post because there was ALOT of cleaning to do.  We had to clean my dad's garage.  Oh. My. Word.  We don't use our garage for cars like normal people.  My dad and brother use it as a shop.  Wood working and painting and metal working.  Messy, messy, messy!!!
After 5 days of non-stop cleaning, the party went off with out a hitch.  PHEW!  Last year we had, like, 70 people show up.  This year we had, maybe, 45 people here.

Two days ago, we had a grass fire up on our hill (we are, like, right at the bottom of a mountain.  So the "hill" is like halfway up the mountain.).  The smoke surrounded our house.
Because my daddy works for the Fire Dept. he went up with the fire engine's and got to see the fire.  Thankfully, it was small and farther away from our house than we had thought.
Before we knew anything about the fire except that it was there, it's hard to think what means the most to you.  Or what you have that you didn't know meant the most.

Yesterday there was a *gulp* shooting a few houses down our driveway!  Yipes!  My dad was at a class and on his way home he had let PILES of police cars past him.  Then he seen them pull up our driveway.  He called my mom and was like,"Why are the police coming up the road?"  Mom had no idea.  My dad was stopped by the police at the bottom of our road.  The cop said,"There was a shooting.  No one is allowed up the road or down."  Yeah.  My dad felt helpless.  My mom was freaked out.
We wouldn't have minded as much if my brother and my sister Allison hadn't gone hunting that morning.
The shooter was thought to have run up towards where my siblings where hunting!  So, my little brother and sister are hunting up on the hill, we had no way to contact them, AND there was a crazy shooter running around our property.  Creepy!  So my dad is stuck at the bottom of the road, and my siblings aren't safe.
We had the FBI, ICE, border patrol, and 2 different groups of  P.D.s at the bottom our road, and creeping and crawling around with their dogs.  AND we had a News 'chopper and a Black Hawk flying over and around our house.   *Shivers*  One of the Police officers finally let my dad come home.
"Do you have a gun?" The officer asked.
"Yeah, I have lots of guns." My dad replied.
"No, you don't understand. Do you have a gun?"
"Yes I have a gun."
"Go home, get a gun, and go find your kids."
"Thank you!"
And so my dad pealed up the drive, ran into the house, grabbed a pistol, and drove his jeep up the hill and found our missing kids.  They were safe and just coming home on our quad.  They jumped into the jeep and came home.
We where confined to our house.  "Keep doors and widows covered and locked at all times.  Stay inside."
So yes.  All-in-all it was a really stressful day.
So please pray that the shooter is found and he doesn't harm anyone. BTW, the guy only shot someone in the hand.  Nothing deadly.  Just painful!
After a while, we decided to go do some shopping, so we didn't have to be home.   We had to go through a check-point at the bottom of our road.
The cop who stopped us asked,"Going to town?"
"Yup."  (Okay, my dad really said,"Yes sir.")
"Just the kids in the back?"
"Yes sir."
Then he peeked in the windows all around the car, just to make sure.  I was like, I" can open the door so you can see better."  But he didn't hear me.
We got home safe and such.  And today nothing happened.  I'm going to ask again if you can pray that the shooter is found!  Where I live, it's only a little city.  Like everyone-knows-everyone- type of city.  And if the guy is desperate, he's dangerous.

Sorry it's such a long and a (possibly) REALLY boring post!



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Do you likey?

Okay!  So who likes my new blog design?????  Go check out Meena's design blog!

I promise you will NOT regret!

P.S.  Do you think it's odd that I have mustaches for my design?  I don't!!!  I LOVE THIS DESIGN!  I've been in love with this style for a while now!  Retro, is it?  I think it's DARLING!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Like my new header?

Please comment if you like it!  I will post about what we have been doing for the past few days!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

how my day has been?

Hi folks! 

Sooooooooooo... What I did yesterday:  I FINISHED PAINTING MY FURNITURE! 

Now I've got to let it dry one more day...  So tomorrow I get to have them back :D  It would be nice to sleep on my bed tomorrow instead of on the couch:D  And it would be nice to have a clean room:) 

Well....  Yesterday we had to go to our local Wal-Mart to get paint.  I don't think I said that my mom is repainting her bathroom....  Anyhow, she is painting her bathroom:)  We needed to get her paint and all that good stuff:)

My family has a Bible study every Wensday night and it starts at 7:00 at night...  We didn't get done untill 10:00!  And my mom had stopped at RedBox and picked us movies.  After we got home (we had lunch/dinner really early.  The kids in my family are REALLY big eaters:D)  we snacked on some boiled Corn-on-the-cob.  Then we watched a movie.  It was a cute movie even though it had some, questionable sides... 

I didn't get to sleep until 3:45 last night...  I'm tired.

Other than that, today has been a boring, long, hot, lame(ish) day.

I hope ya'll had a good day:-D 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Sooooo..  Last summer my mom painted my sister Allison and my room (we share.  We've gotta bunk bed:-D) and we didn't finish painting the furniture... 
"Furniture" being my desk and my bookshelf (hate to say it but Allison HATES reading!!!  I can't believe that girl sometimes....  Therefore the bookshelf is my deal:-D).
Yesterday I unloaded my desk and put EVERYTHING on my bed, then I unloaded my bookshelf.  Most of that ended up on my bed too. 
THEN my mom gave me her old dresser.  So on top of that I cleaned out my dresser and some of that landed on my bed too.  Now my room is a big ol' mess and I can't even SEE my bed:-)  I slept on one of our couches last night....  Okay..  Sorry everyone I rabbit-trailed! 

Yesterday we started getting my dresser and bookshelf ready for painting.  I sanded, filled cracks with some wood filler, waited for wood filler to dry, packed my new dresser, sanded my desk and bookshelf again, then came in a watched "The Lorax."  <That's a cute movie.

This morning I woke up, watched "McClintock!" then went out and "primed" the furniture.  It took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to dry!!!!!!!!  I got one coat of real paint on it....  Get to paint the rest tomorrow:-D 

I am now covered with paint.  In my hair, on my jeans, my arms, fingers, and (I've got NO idea how in the world it got there) on my sock.

I've got a craving for (my favorite) Mint Chocolate Ice-cream.  And Brownies.  Gooey chocolate brownies.  Sorry that was random.  Well...  Actually I'm not sorry...  :D

Do any of you think I should change my background???

I'm sorry if this is an extraordinarly boring post....


Sunday, September 2, 2012


Okay....  So I won't lie....  We are hunters in my family.  And I'm not ashamed of it:-D  My Dad hunts, my brother hunts, my sister Allison hunts...  I used to hunt too.  But after a few years I decided I couldn't.  I can NOT kill... 
Are any of you uncomfortable with hunting?  I just need you to say the word and I won't say any more about hunting. 

Well....  My dad and brother are going Elk hunting.  They left today for a week long trip...  Sadness...  I miss them already.  They are about two hours away from where we live, but still, I miss them... 

Standing by the window,
Watching them pack their things,
Holding back tears for after they go,
I give my brother a hug,
And my daddy a kiss,
I stand on the porch waving goodbye,
I look at the trail of dust in the air,
Where the car quickly disapreared down the drive,
Getting out my guitar and playing it softly,
I let the tears fall then wipe them off,
I stand up to face the day,
The missing of two family members stands out way to clear,
My brother my friend,
And my father, protecter,
I pray for them to safely return.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I entered a story conest=)


I entered a 500 word writing contest at Go Teen Writers!!!

Here is my story!

It has no title.....

I stood at the window, watching the delivery truck drive away.  As soon as it was out of site, I looked at the label on the box I had just gotten.

From: Peter Walsh, Mongolia

To: Stefani Walsh, Washington U.S.A.

Mongolia?  NO WAY!  What could Peter be sending me?  I thought.

Peter was my 21 year old brother who was on a Missions trip to Mongolia.  He had been gone for 7 months.

I quickly pulled my Phone out of my pocket. 

Hannah!  Come quick!  I just got a package from my brother!  I texted to my best friend.

I quickly got a reply.

Brother?  The one in Mongolia? 


Hold on!  I’m half way there!!!

I waited for Hannah to show up.  The minuets seemed like hours. 

Finally the door burst open.  Hannah rushed in.

“Come on!  What are you waiting for?  OPEN THE BOX!  I can’t believe you waited for me!  Hannah said, sitting down.

“Okay!  But I can’t figure it out…  Why did he send me a package???”

“Opening it might give a clue, silly.”  Hannah said laughing.

So I did.  The first thing I noticed was a piece of paper.  I grabbed it.

I know you would never expect to get anything from me like this but I got a chance to surprise you. I know that you probably have Hannah standing next to you and if you don’t, call her and tell her to come over.  Inside there are two packages.  One is for you (the one that is wrapped in green) the other one is for Hannah.  Open those and you will both find envelopes in the bottom.  Call me using the number on this number {(***)-***-****} and then open them.

Your brother,


“Okay….  That didn’t really make sense…  Hannah here is your box.”  I said handing the other package to her; it was wrapped in pink paper.  Then I grabbed mine.

I heard a squeal from Hannah.

I glanced over to where she was standing.  She was holding up a red robe and twirling around.  Then she bent over and picked up a necklace out of the box.

“Your brother is the best in the world!  I-love-him-I-love-him!!!” She said, clapping her hands. 

I opened my box.   There was a beautiful blue robe on top; there was a set of earrings too.

I handed the robe to Hannah. 

I looked in the bottom of the box.  There was the envelope.

“Hannah, quiet down I need to call Peter!  I’ll let you purpose later.“  I said dialing the number that was on the letter.

“Hello?  Stef’ is that you?” A voice came over the phone. 

“Yes it is!  What’s going on?”  I asked.

“Open the envelope.”  Was the only answer.

I did.  There was a plane ticket! 

“MONGOLIA!  YOU SENT ME A TICKET FOR MONGOLIA???” I squealed into the phone.

“Yes.  You and Hannah are coming to Mongolia for my wedding.” 

“Hannah, you’re too late.  He’s getting married.  And we are going to Mongolia!”

Whatcha think?????


Monday, August 27, 2012

My crafty corner of the world...


Lately I've been going crazy with crochet and photography.  Here is a bag I made:

These pictures where taken on my messy bed in my messy room....^
Then I invented a hat:

I know that's a sidways picture....  That's what the hat looks like on me.^

Side view of the hat.^
And now some random photography!!!

Rain^  We where waiting for a ferry to show up and I got my hands on the camera:-D

That's a Hummingbird feeder^  I love how it turned out!

I adore old classic books:-D  those all turned out really well:-D^

I had a little friend do this:-D  Lavender and Daisys:-D^

That's a really good picture of my brother:-D^

These are some friends:-D  Aren't they so cute???  They are brother and sister:-)^

 That is my cousin Mitchel:-D^
This is a picture of a puppy:-)  His name is Edmund:-)  We call him Eddy:-D

This is puppy Peter called Pete and Petey:-D^

 This is Susan^ Or Susie or Suse:-)
 And this^ is......  LUCY! 
No doubt you've noticed a conection with the puppies..... 
Well...  I'm done.  Was this a really boring post?  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!