Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions/bucket list

This is my list of New Years resolutions/bucket list.

1. Post more often.
2. Actually finish a brain-stormed book plot.
3. Overcome stage-fright.
4. Try to get all A's in school.
5. Go to a Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe concert. (I know this one is kinda lame but I wanna hear them in person!)
6. Be better at emailing back to people.
7. Save enough moo-la (money, but you probably already know that) to buy the fancy camera I want.
8.  Do a "continuing story" like Storyteller does with the Jessica Bender letters(?). (you'll have to go check Storytellers blogs to know what I'm talking about.)
9. Write a best selling Novel.
10. Finish writing The Chronicles of Dwopulous before March. (it's a long story....:-D)
11. Get the lego Lord of the Rings video-game:-D
12. Do my best at everything I can do.
Bye, ya'll!


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