Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'll be gone...

till tomorrow:-D  Yesterday was my daddies birthday, and tonight is his "surprise party."  yeah I'm kinda bummed, because it a grown up party.  No kids, no teens.  Darn.  but in the mean time i'll be going to my Aunt Susie's house along with my siblings to baby-sit my 11 year old cuz' Mitchel.  My aunt is going to pick us up at 2:00.   And I'll be back home around 12:30 tomorrow.

What are all ya'll gonna do for this here new years eve? (imaging I'm talking in a southern accent.)

My mom is going to my cuz' Mackenzie's house for an "ugly sweater party."  That's also a grown up party so I'll be watching mi sib's and my cuz' Mitchel at my house.

Bye folks!

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