Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prayer Request:-/

Hey, so you know about our animals and our renting out our pasture and all that fun stuff.
Well we got another cow and she wasn't doing so good:-/ she was acting like se was blind and she stumbles around...
She got better for a couple days, she could see us and she was walking better. She was eating and drinking and sleeping.
Then yesterday she hardly moved and she was acting dehydrated so she got moved to our pigpen full of good and water. The only problem with that is the family who we're renting too forgot that it was hot out and there was no shade in the pen.
My dad checked on her about an hour ago and she wasn't moving or responding and she was really hot. We moved her out and washed her down and tried to cool her off. My dad made her drink a gallon of water and right at the moment she's just kinda resting. 
She hasn't eaten and the only water she's had for the last while was the water my dad made her drink. We're kinda scared that she'll die:( she tried to stand up but she's to weak... We are going to try to give her some emergency formula for calf dehydration and pray it works out.
Can y'all pray that she'll be back on her feet in the next few days?  My family would really appreciate it<3

I was going to put up pics of the animals on Thursday but we ended up being busy. Sorry about that! I'll try this week:)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

my CRAZYYY posting skills are going to show real bad. Sorrryyyy! ;-D


So first off I'm going to ask you guys something.

There's a girl I met through Google+ and we've developed a nice friendship. She's really sweet and loving. 
She's 13, she lives in Spain, she's a single child and she's being bullied.
She's being bullied by a gang of guys every single day.
All of these jerks are 15-17 and they're making her do their school and if she gets bad scores on their homework they beat her as punishment.
Her 'punishments' have been getting worse. These boys have broken her arm, leg and sprained her wrist because they beat her and they push her around. They say really inappropriate things to her and threaten to really turn her life into a nightmare. one of the bullies came to her house said he was a friend so the mom let him in. He went into her room and tried to hurt her in her own house
Two days ago the leader of the gang hid outside and waited for her to come out. When she did he called her phone and told her to turn around. Lo and behold, there he stood. He acted really bad and said some really bad things. He was going to hurt her, but she stopped him with Judo. While she was running away he screamed that he would make her pay.
She tried to kill herself that night. Some other girl and I, along with her best friend, talked her out of it. 
For the time present she's safe. Her best friend is a guy and they are like brother and sister. He told her that he'd keep her safe while he was there (his family moved away so he didn't go to the same school anymore.).
Today they had a beach party for the whole high school and the gang of boys carried her away from the group and abused her. She don't cry out or beg them to stop she only tried to get away from them.
The leader watched as she was getting beat by one of the boys and got mad at her for not begging and started beating her harder.
The leader came to her house afterwards and talked to her mom. He told the mom how he "loved her and would like to be her boyfriend if the parents gave their blessing" acting all sweet. The mom had no idea who the guy was and what he does to her daughter.
The girl sneaked out and went to her best girl friends house and hid. 
Tomorrow is thankfully the last day of school. But those boys know where she lives and they still can hurt her really bad.
She also gets really REALLY bad nightmares every night:(
This girl isn't saved and doesn't believe in God.
Please pray for her! It would mean a lot to me and it'll really help her. The police and her parents have done as much as they could to help her, but it hasn't been enough.

On a better note:
My family gets to take care of animals! There's a family who have a bunch of animals but I think they're moving so they can't keep them at their house so we are letting them use our property in exchange of a WHOLE beef cow! 
I don't know how many animals we're gonna looking at but I know there's cow, pigs, chickens, goats and sheep!
I'll get pictures and show ya when they get here:D

The family seems nice enough. There's the mom and dad who are neat and two kids.
There's a boy and girl. The boys name is Jeffrey and he's 15 (almost 16) and he has Down-syndrome. He's really neat! He also has a really good "evil laugh". He goes to high school so he was really comfortable with talking with Moi. It was odd for me because I'm not used to being around people my age, but I got over that pretty quick:) but yeah I thought he was awesome.
The girls name is Katie and she's 14. She's homeschooled and she's in 4H doing archery. She's was a lot of fun too:) and- oops gotta go.

K I'm back now! They just left:) they brought some if the animals up:D
There's T-Bone the baby boy cow:), Nanny the milk goat, a ewe named Mary and her little lamb! 
I'll get pictures up next week! By then we'll have the rams, pigs and chickens and possibly another cow. Wait- we're gonna have more sheep too.
What's really cool is that they're like pets! The cow is like a gigantic puppy:) the animals like kids so we can go hang out with them too... Haha fun:D

School is a nightmare! We don't end until July because we start school really late and get lots of time off. And I really suck at math >_<

Have I told you that I've got a job? No? 
Weeelll, we've got this neighbor see.. And he's a widower for the last four years. And he's really old. He's in his late 70's. Sooo my sister Allison and I go clean his house every Wednesday.  It's nice because we get to help him out:) yes we get paid, but we aren't doing it for the money.

I've been trying to read "Out of the Silent Planet" by C. S. Lewis. Either I'm losing my focus, or it's seriously the hardest book in the world to read. 
It's confuzzeling:-/ it's never been this hard for me to read a book.

Have any of you read/listened-to the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques? 
The only problem I have with them is that every time I fall in love with a specific character- they die. 
Every. Single. Time. So many tears. And I'm not kidding. I'm a very emotional reader and I cried rivers over them. 
Unfortunately I'm doomed to that fate. :'( my favorite character died two nights ago and I'm still not over it:(
Whatever. I still LOVE the series!!!! The scariest one I've read (and it's scary in an animalistic point of view) is "Doomwyte". O.O the bad guys had just enough evil to make me shudder. But don't not read the boom because I said it was scary! It was a good scary.

I'm really loving my camera:D I took some really neat daisy pictures with it which you can see on my photography blog (link: Sorry I'm writing on my iPod and the blogger app won't let me actually 'link' it:-/)!

I LOVE playing guitar!!!! Finger style is awesome and I don't ever get tired of it!!!!!
My mom was telling my if we could get my little brother playing Guitar we could get on Americas Got Talent and play a duet with us or me (yipes!!!! STAGEFRIGHT!!!!) singing and win. 
Me:"mom I can't sing! My voice isn't good!"
Mom: "you've got a really good voice!"
Me: "No I don't. I always hit sour (bad) notes! And my voice cracks if I go to high and I can't sing low."
Mom: "that's just lack of voice training."
Secretly, I would love to be a singer. But I don't think I'm good enough:( someday I'd love to go out on stage and sing. But I've got super bad stage fright O_O

I decided to take a break from a novel I was writing, because I had writers block and I couldn't think of anything (ugh hate that feeling), and I need to rewrite it now:-/ it's okay, but I've done better and I'd feel guilty if I didn't put all my best effort into it. Get what I mean?

I'm at a really odd stage where if I see a picture that I really like then it HAS TO HAVE A STORY (Storyteller you witnessed this ;)).
I'm going to try to post about those along with the pictures that make me do that. I'm not making any promises that they'll be really fantastic stories, but I hope they'll be okay:)

Whaleeee, I think this post has been really long and should probably stop before your poor mind gets so crowded it explodes. 

Love ya all! And thanks for sticking with me through my lack of posting:) 

mAdDiE (sorry I just thought my name looked lame normal. I'm also in an oddly restless mood. If I was talking to you about all of this face to face I'd be hopping around and acting like a weirdo... I'm just feeling.... RaNdOm!!!!)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Next part of the unnamed story~


There was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" I yelled to my mum, standing up.

I was sitting in the couch just... Plotting, I guess. I was at a point in my war novel that I needed to kill off a character. It's a sad business but it had to be done.

"Jay jay!" A little voice screamed when I opened the door. 

The next thing I knew, a blur tackled my legs and knocked me down. I hit the ground, sprawled on my back and two kids sat on my chest. 

"Jay jay! Jay jay!" Two voices chanted above the laughter of their parents. 

"Sorry about that, son." My uncle stepped in, grabbing my arm and pulling me up onto my feet. His dark brown eyes sparkling.

"That's okay! I'm used to it!" I laughed.

"Hello Jay!" My auntie Joan hugged me. 

"Hello aunt. Whoa!"

Now I had a kid on each leg and they almost knocked me over again.

"Mum is in the kitchen and dad is in the garage." I told my aunt and uncle. They nodded their thanks. Uncle Fritz headed out to the garage, but aunt Joan stayed.

I looked at her questioningly.

She sighed. "I just wanted to tell you how much Fritzy and I appreciate you offering to watch the twins." She smiled at me and winked.

I shrugged. "It's the least we could do. We still owe you for watching George and I when we were little. Besides, there's two of us! It won't be any trouble at all!" I winked back.

"Jasey where's Gi?! I want to see Gi!" Willie yelled.

"How about we find her?" I asked him, ruffling his hair with my hand.

Aunt Joan laughed and whispered "good luck!" Before heading off to the kitchen.

With the twins still wrapped around my legs, I waddled back into the living room and chuckled at their happy squeals.

"You need to let go now guys! I'm going to go get George now. Sit still on the couch until I come back, k? Don't move!"

Will and Annie jumped onto the couch and sat, holding their breath and trying to be stone still.

I walked back into the hall and shouted up the staircase that lead up into the second story of the house. 

"Georgie they're here! Come down before they go up!" I yelled.

"I'm coming!" Was the quick reply. 

I chuckled again and walked back to the living room. 


I heard Jason yell that the 'terrible twos' were waiting downstairs.

I jumped up from my desk and quickly yelled that I was coming.

I glanced down at the set of blueprints one last time, almost feeling guilty about leaving them unfinished.

Oh well. I'll finish them tonight. I told myself as I ran out of my room.

I clumped down the stairs while whistling loudly.

"Gi Gi, Gi Gi!!!!!" I heard the twins scream.

I jumped over the last three stair steps and collided full on with Jason, Will and Annie.

I was knocked onto my bottom, as was Jason, I had Annie on my lap and Willie had somehow managed to climb onto my shoulders.

"Hello loves! How are you doing?" I laughed.

"Good!" They yelled at the same time. Jason and I laughed at the same time.

"Why do we both do that Geo?" Annie asked me, her big brown eyes thoughtful.

"We both are twins! Jason and I do things like this all the time."

"And we do it at the same time too!" Will and Annie chanted together. They looked at each other, than at Jason and me.

We all laughed. 

"Soooo... What do you two want to do while you're here?" Jason asked the twins.

"Can we play hide-and-seek?" Annie squealed.

"That sounds like fun! But what will we do the rest of the time?" He asked.

"Can we watch a movie?" Will asked.

"That sounds great! What should we watch?" I slid him off my shoulder.

"Toy Story!" Annie and Will yelled together. They looked at each other and giggled.

"Yes!" Jason fist pumped. "That's just what I wanted to watch!"

"And what else shall we do?" Will asked.

"How about..." Jason started.

"We play pirates?" I finished for him.

Jason smiled. "Took the words outta my mouth." He winked. "Again."

"Yes! We can play that one!" Will yelled.

"Awesome! This is going to be the best night ever." Jason yelled, standing up and jumping up and down.

I mentally rolled my eyes. He's such a kid!

Little did we know that this was the beginning of a great adventure.

Hope y'all like it! Trust me, this is the boring part;) the cool stuff starts happening next time!
Love you all!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Heeeyyyy people:D

So, I've been sorta working on a story plot that I've had in mind for the last five or so months.
The inspiration? Actually it was from a dream:) well that dream has come back to haunt me, so to speak;D 

I've got the first part done and I'd like to know what you think!

It doesn't have a name yet, but like I said. It's just an idea. 
So in these 2 parts that I'm going to show you, you will meet a set of twins and -hopefully- get the general idea of their personalities. Personally, they crack me up. I feel like they have the relationship that makes people want to get to know them better. 

Comment and tell me what you think, who you think your favorite character would be and if you'd like to read more!

Love you all! And for the third time, I'd really appreciate feedback on this:) thanks for taking the time to read my post!


(And on with the show =D)


"Georgie! What are you doing?" I yelled from the bottom of the staircase leading up into the attic.

I heard a muffled shout. 

I rolled my eyes and thumped up the stairs.

"Sis?" I called, knocking on the attic door.

"Yeah! Just give me... min-"

There was a crash and I winced.

There was a scuttling noise, a scrape and then the door opened.

Georgie poked her head out.

"What's up?"

I couldn't help but laugh at how she looked. 

Her red hair was a wild mess with so much dust stuck in it it looked grey. Grease was smudged on her nose.

She glared and pulled her head back in.  She stomped back to her project inside.

I followed her in and glanced around the room.

"Geez! How do you manage to get it this messy?"

Georgie stuck her lip out and pushed a pile of boxes out of her way.

"I don't have time to clean it up, Jay. I'm on the very verge of getting my invention to work."

I shook my head and started cleaning up. Correction: I tried cleaning up. I only succeeded in clearing a trail. Yeah, it was that messy.

My sister quickly forgot I was there and was completely absorbed into her project. 

I grinned as I watched her work. The thing looked like a door frame with bars running around the outside, wires and lights stuck out every where.

We were twins, Georgie and I. I'm the older one by a full hour. We are both 15 and we both have blue eyes.

The only other thing we have in common is that we have one favorite talent.

Hers is inventing, mine is writing.

Other than that we are complete opposites.

Georgie is messy while I can't stand to have anything out of place, I'm quiet and serious while Georgie is outgoing and loud and I LOVE food while Georgie eats only enough to keep herself alive.

Speaking of food I wonder what's for dinn- oh yeah! I remembered why I was up here.

"George! I was coming up to tell you that the terrible twos are coming up.  We're going to babysit while Aunt Joan and Uncle Fritz go out to dinner with mum and dad."

Georgie was screwing something up high, almost out of her reach. At the word 'babysit' she dropped the wrench on her foot.

"Ouch!" She shouted, jumping on one foot and holding the other.

She almost tripped and fell, but I caught her arm just in time.


Jason pulled me up.

My jaw was on the floor, I swear.

"The terrible twos?!" I shouted.

Jason covered his ears.


I scrambled toward the door and locked it. 

Jason was laughing really hard. Like, bent over holding his sides and crying.

"Dude! Breath!" I bonked him on the head.

He gasped for breath.

I glared at him. If looks could kill he'd soooo be dead.

"S-s-orry." He started laughing again, but this time not as hard.

"Why are they coming?" 

"Today is Aunt Joan's and Uncle Fritz' anniversary! Mum and dad were talking about it and I offered to babysit while they went to dinner and a movie or something." He wiped tears from his face.

I stared at him with disbelief. "Jay! How could you do this to me?!"

He rolled his eyes.

"They deserve to have grown up time, George."

"Do you remember what happened last time we babysat Will and Annie?" I demanded. 

He frowned slightly but his bottom lip twitched, a sign that he's trying not to smile.

"Will booby trapped you room! He put Legos all over the floor and dumped your waste paper basket on top of them so when you thought you were stepping on paper you got a sharp surprise."

He laughed. 

"You did that to aunt Jo when you were that age!" He pointed out. "And anyhow, he ended up helping me with my book. I found a paper that completed the plot while I was cleaning it all up."

"What about what Ann did to me?"I persisted.

"All she did was rip up some papers then put them under your blankets." He shrugged, smiling.

I huffed. "She ripped up my blue prints!!!"

"So? You ended up drawing even better ones."

I sighed.

"You've got a point." 

"Yep." He started chuckling. "Them getting us like that was a surprise. Do they remind you of any other twins we might know?"

I grinned and we high-fived.

It's not that I have anything against Willy and Annie, they are just a handful.

Tonight is going to be fun. Note the sarcasm?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Surprise!!! I'm finally posting;-D

Hey guys! 

So I've been feeling bad about neglecting you:-|... I'm super super sorry! I've just been having 'bloggers block'.

My life has been crazy so I'm both physically and emotionally exhausted. And on top of that I've found out that I've got allergies. Not fun. 
Headaches, coughing, not sleeping well, itchy eyes, slight breathing difficulty and all that other fun stuff. Yippee.
The worst headache I've had so far was last night. It was excruciating:( it almost make me puke.... Ugh. 

I can't wait to be done with school! Learning is fun, but I'm ready to relax and hangout:)

Sooooo, we redid my bedroom! I share my room with my sister Allison and we used to have bunk beds and a really ugly old carpet.
Not any more:D we took everything out of the room and ripped the carpet out and replaced it with hard flooring. The bunk beds have been replaced with twin beds with drawers in the bottom for extra storage and we put shelving up:) it's pretty awesome:)

You know you're a homeschooler when... You decide to teach yourself a new language over the summer! 
I found an app for my iPod to help teach me German:D it's actually really close to most English! It's been really fun so far. But then again I am only in the first week:P when I'm done with German I'm going to learn French so I can speak it with my cousin Perry:) fun;D

Love you guys! Hope you've been doing good and are enjoying your lives!