Saturday, June 29, 2013

Prayer Request:-/

Hey, so you know about our animals and our renting out our pasture and all that fun stuff.
Well we got another cow and she wasn't doing so good:-/ she was acting like se was blind and she stumbles around...
She got better for a couple days, she could see us and she was walking better. She was eating and drinking and sleeping.
Then yesterday she hardly moved and she was acting dehydrated so she got moved to our pigpen full of good and water. The only problem with that is the family who we're renting too forgot that it was hot out and there was no shade in the pen.
My dad checked on her about an hour ago and she wasn't moving or responding and she was really hot. We moved her out and washed her down and tried to cool her off. My dad made her drink a gallon of water and right at the moment she's just kinda resting. 
She hasn't eaten and the only water she's had for the last while was the water my dad made her drink. We're kinda scared that she'll die:( she tried to stand up but she's to weak... We are going to try to give her some emergency formula for calf dehydration and pray it works out.
Can y'all pray that she'll be back on her feet in the next few days?  My family would really appreciate it<3

I was going to put up pics of the animals on Thursday but we ended up being busy. Sorry about that! I'll try this week:)



  1. OK, that's sad. I mean, I'm around a lot of "farm" animals a lot and it's not very nice when one gets sick. I this cow a favorite one?? I'm really sorry..


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