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Hello and welcome to my Photograghy page!  A very dear cousin told me that I had an eye for taking pictures.  I want to see what ya'll think!  There will be a few callage's that I have made with my pictures also! 

This one has 3 pics I got off of Google^  The camera, book lover, and the star wars one:-D

Last year (2011) our two Brittany dogs (Grace and Cooper) had puppys.  The picture below is Edmund the Just [;-)]

Isn't he sweet?

This is Peter the Magnificent
I know....  Funny picture!  This picture won me a 1st place ribbon in my county fair!

This picture won me 2nd place in our county fair.
Meet my cousin Chloe!

I love the seriousness in her little face<3

This picture also won me a 2nd place ribbon
It tells a story.  Roses and Lavender are 2 of my favorite flowers.  And the book is Pride and Prejudice.  My favorite book by Jane Austen.

 Another one of Chloe

 Hanukkah!  1st night.

 Nathan Allison neighbor Dale
 My sister Allison doing her one eye crossed trick!

 Butterflies.  This was so cool!

This I think is and Angel Fern......   Up in our woods.

 Some old books I have on my shelf...

 This is down our driveway!  Nathan and Rebekah:-D

 This is an amazing shot...  Nathan hates getting his picture taken!

 Another picture of Peter...  He was playing in our little creek!

 A good mountain shot.  On the way home from Leavenworth!

 While we were waiting for a ferry, it was raining really hard!  This is how it focused!
This one is really cool too.  Bekah was helping me out with this one....  I wonder though...  How did it end up with the pink spot?

I love how it focused on his eyes<3

A trail in our woods:-D

Tree tops<3

My little sisters built this funny little houseXD

We found a baby bird.

My sister Allison wearing the Mike Wasowski hat I made:-D

Isn't she a pretty girl?  

Nathan and my awesome cousin Perry

"Bonjour Mon Ami!" (Hello My Friend)
My baby sis wearing one of my knitted berets

My cousin Hunter asleep<3

Mischievous Grin


My cousins: Luka (left), Luke (middle), Chloe (right)

Hope you like them!
More coming soon!


  1. Love the photos! You really do have a great eye for photography, Maddie. :) You should become a professional photographer! I have family that do that, and they're having the time of their lives!!! =D

    (by the way, could I design your blog?? :))

  2. Love them!

    And my offer still stands. :)

    1. I'm glad you think I'm good at Photograpghy!

      And I have been meaning to tell you....
      Yes you can design my blog:-D

    2. Yay!! :)

      (sorry, this part is edited, it's just that I think my "yay!" looks so hilarious next to the stoic-faced archer lady =D)

    3. haha it does look kinda funny:-D Thanks for doing my blog!!!!!

  3. Those are some great pictures Maddie. Keep going!:)

  4. I am in LOVE with those pictures!!! WOW! My favorite one is the flowers with the Pride and Prejudice book! Perfect! And I adore the dogs names!!!!! AHHH!!!! I'm a Narnia fanatic!!! Those names are so cool. haha. thanks for sharing!:)

    1. Thank you Faith!
      I'm a Narnia fan too:D There were four puppies, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy;D I don't have very good pictures of the girls though:-/
      Thanks again!


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