Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Goodness Gracious.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I completely dropped off of the face of the earth, AGAIN! I can't believe myself! Guys, I miss you! Ah! I have so many memories from blogger, and I had completely forgot about them until JUST NOW. Life has been insane since 2014. We started a home-school co-op, and the homework load kept us awake until 11. I'm not joking, though I wish I was! Anywho, the first year of that was hard. Then the summer was rough, my new friend went through a crazy breakup and it seemed like I was always with her. And I was volunteering at the library. My brother and I also were going through drivers ed. Then the next school year, we did the same co-op, and it was my senior year. Phew. It was rough work. On top of the last quarter, I took the Emergency Medical Tech class up at our college. It was a 9 credit class on top of my last quarter of high school. But, I passed the class, and I'm getting ready to take the NREMT so I can be a certified EMT! And I graduated high school! WOOHOO! I am 18, I have a car, a license, and I'm so, so close to having my very first certification in the medical field, which is where my heart lies. This year, I start taking classes so I can get into the Nursing program. And after that? Well... I pray that I will have time to start following my dreams and passions. I haven't been able to write my complete book, backpack around Washington state, pursuing more photography opportunities, travel the world... So many things I want to do.

How are you guys??? I miss all of you! I hope we can get reacquainted!!! For those of you on Instagram, you can follow me HERE, and "stalk" away to your hearts content. I am also (kind of) on Google+ as Madeline Hunt (for some odd reason, it isn't letting me link that address... hmm...). SO yeah, there are ways to contact me, because I am sure that I may forget about blogger again... Shame on my forgetful brain...

Have a lovely day, all of you!

Ever the same (though oft' MIA),

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