Sunday, October 13, 2013

where have i been?!

my, my, my... i'm sorry i haven't been on!
my life has been crazy. hectic. busy. exhausting. you get the picture.
what have i been doing? well;
1) we started school. i've taken on an impossible feat: to finish four grades before my 17th birthday. yeah, i know, i've lost it. but it's a challenge. and i'm doing good so far.
2) fire explorers. yes! my brother and i are having sooo much fun! i'm promising a post about that subject soon:) i don't know who's more excited that we joined; my dad or myself and brother. i think it's my dad.
3) my sister and i bought a laptop. haha its so nice! my mom rarely gt to use her computer before xP but that's what happens when you have 2 kids that love writing.
4) reading one of the coolest books in the world. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielson. go and read it! its perfect! and i went ballistic when i heard there was a sequel! The Runaway King. i put it on hold at the library as soon as i could ;) it's in right now, but i have to wait until Monday to read it. sad face.
5) obsessing over The Call sung by Regina Spektor (it's off of Prince Caspian. if you don't remember it, i recommend looking it up on youtube. its gorgeous.). okay, how about obsessing over Regina Spektor in gereral. i love her style of music!
6) freaking out about The Silver Chair. I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ARE ACTUALLY MAKING IT!!!!
7) wanting the Chronicles of Narnia movie's soundtrack's. as soon as I have enough, i'm going to buy them i just love them:) and it helps me think when i'm listening to stuff. you would think that it would distract you, but no. it helps a lot.
8) missing you guys! i haven't been commenting or anything:( i feel bad.
9) watching Agents of SHIELD. call me a geek, i love it;D
10) having a Lord Of The Rings marathon with my brother. he asked me if i wanted to watch it with him:) when he's not being annoying, i love him to death.

so, that/s what i've been doing. how about you guys?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"I Hate My Guts." -A Writers Tale

I hate my guts.
It's one of those days when I'm asking myself. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS??????"
I feel horrible for doing what I'm doing, and I've cried over the pain I'm making my characters suffer. But I can't not do it. Its what makes my characters strong.
"Ugh! How can I?!"
But I have to.
I can hear the characters screaming at me for doing this, but I hush them and go right back to it.
"Sorry guys."
But then the bad guy comes along and is like, "Good job. Make 'em suffer. All the better for me."
"Um, hello, this is where he/she/they get(s) the power to defeat you. Duh."
People call me sweet and kind, but then I go and blow people up and make plans to take over the world.
But other than that I'm happy to say that I'm still plowing away at my manuscripts, "12 Blades Of War" and "Spies, Lies and Enemies."
I've actually created a plot I'm happy with for the spy book! Whoo hoo! Now I get to move on to the fun part;)
I think it's actually helping me to be working full time on two books instead of just one, because both are different and IF I have *gasp* writers block, I have something else to work on other than sitting around stressing about being stuck.
Haha... So, I feel better now... To me, writing is a LOVE/HATE relationship. I love writing, but hate knowing what I have to do. I'm seriously controlling thousands of people.

How do you guys deal with writing???
Ever yours,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Camping and Shooting

Yes, I am still very much alive and well:)
Where have I been? I've been at home.
What have I been doing? Celebrating the Biblical holiday of Sukkot. Or, The Feast Of Tabernacles. I highly encourage you to either ask me about it and/or research it:) It's so fun and it's amazing:)
I got to hang out with lots of people I love to death and I learned to love a new person.

So yeah... I've had a very busy week/9 days. But I've learned a lot of things that I really needed. AND I got you guys a couple pictures! Whoo hoo!

Okay. So, this handsome fella is Peter. My cousin Mackenzie's boyfriend. He loves Duck Dynasty, hunting fishing, everything camo, Seattle SeaHawks, guns, bows and arrows and Kenzie. This is the person I learned to love. At first, Pete was really shy. And hes a really quiet person. But during the end of the week he opened up and I got to meet the sweetest, funniest and coolest guy in the world. Yep. I'm really hoping for a wedding in the near future<3 he's seriously going to be the coolest cousin in the world.

Now, Mackenzie was recently in a difficult relationship and she came away heartbroken. Now that Peter has been in her life, she's back to normal and sooooo happy<3<3<3<3 AHH! I love them!!!

I've actually know Peter for a while. i was friends with his sister Naomi, who's my age. But I never really talked to him... But he was one of the "big boys," so the thought never really came to me.

And Pete was in the Navy for a few years. And my dad and him get along REALLY well. It's funny how easily they get along x)

So, Peter has a ton of super expensive things. Huge truck, big guns, super expencive bow... And an AR-15. Which I got to shoot. He left it at my house for my dad to shoot, so after he left my dad was telling me how nice it shot and I was sad that I missed that. Because I've always wanted to shoot an AR.
So my dad got it out and let me shoot it a few times! Awesome!!! :P 
My dad took pictures of me shooting it, because he didn't think I would EVER. What?! Dad, you know I love shooting guns!!! And let me tell you, the AR-15 shot really awesome. I want to shoot it again.

This picture makes it look like I've never shot a gun before. I have the stock to high on my shoulder, and because I was aiming for a soda bottle in the yard, it killed my arm! But I'd shoot it again in a heart beat:D

Yep, I got pics of my bro and dad too;)

Peter and Kenz<3

Okay, I've gotta run. But I missed y'all and I hope you've enjoyed this post!!!

Lots of love.