Thursday, October 3, 2013

"I Hate My Guts." -A Writers Tale

I hate my guts.
It's one of those days when I'm asking myself. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS??????"
I feel horrible for doing what I'm doing, and I've cried over the pain I'm making my characters suffer. But I can't not do it. Its what makes my characters strong.
"Ugh! How can I?!"
But I have to.
I can hear the characters screaming at me for doing this, but I hush them and go right back to it.
"Sorry guys."
But then the bad guy comes along and is like, "Good job. Make 'em suffer. All the better for me."
"Um, hello, this is where he/she/they get(s) the power to defeat you. Duh."
People call me sweet and kind, but then I go and blow people up and make plans to take over the world.
But other than that I'm happy to say that I'm still plowing away at my manuscripts, "12 Blades Of War" and "Spies, Lies and Enemies."
I've actually created a plot I'm happy with for the spy book! Whoo hoo! Now I get to move on to the fun part;)
I think it's actually helping me to be working full time on two books instead of just one, because both are different and IF I have *gasp* writers block, I have something else to work on other than sitting around stressing about being stuck.
Haha... So, I feel better now... To me, writing is a LOVE/HATE relationship. I love writing, but hate knowing what I have to do. I'm seriously controlling thousands of people.

How do you guys deal with writing???
Ever yours,

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