Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poem Girl's Guest Post!!!!

*Note:  I am posting this for her...*  

My Guest Post....

Hello Girls! 
This is Poem Girl but you can call me Sarah. I’m a Poem writing, Story creating, Book reading, Song singing, Blue Eyed Christian girl who can’t wait to write this my first guest post. 


I’m going to make this post about stories, well actually a plot scenario for a story a sort of example you can take and use if you’d like, I really like doing these so here it is…

Main Character: 
Iris Vienna 

Short curly blonde hair, rosy cheeks, perky personality 

Other Important Characters:
Christian Lark 
Kitty Parou 
James (Jamey) Parou

Iris gets separated in Paris while touring with her family, before long she is hopelessly lost, she meets up with Christian whom she recognizes as the boy who was continually sneaking into the steerage section of the ship she’d sailed from America on. Christian reveals he’s not supposed to be in Paris but had been shoved off the boat with the crowds and wants to somehow find away to make to the next state, the two team up and look for ways to get back to their families. Later they meet up with Kitty and Jamey Parou a pair of runaway orphans who are seeking a better life in America. The siblings turn out to know every street in Paris and agree to help Christian and Iris only if they’ll find away to get them on the boat, Christian and Iris agree and they all set out.

This book’ll be a thrilling adventure that takes the foursome though trial after trial there’s Captures, Secret tunnels, Espionage, Danger, and Travel. The brave writer who takes on this page turner will have her work cut out!

Thanks for reading and thank you to Maddie for letting me do this it was a lot of fun!

The Mysterious Sarah Sincere 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am SOOOOO sorry! (contest awards)

Okay, okay...  I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it!

So, I got 2 entries!  One from Storyteller, and one from Poem Girl!  Thank you so much for entering girls!!!

Know that i loved both of your entries...  But I have to pick one for 1st place...

The awards aren't very exciting.  The 1st place winner get's to choose between a guest post and an interveiw.  And whichever you don't pick 2nd place winner gets to do that.

So, the first place winner of my sort story contest is..........

Poem Girl!!!!!!  

Congratulations and comment what prize you prefer!!!  Thank you again for entering my contest you two!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peculiar = Me

Hi folks!

Yes.  It really does.  If you saw me just walking down the street, you would think I'm a normal teenager (crushes, boy friends, cell phones, make-up, tons of friends, texting, watches the newest teen fad' tv shows, working parents, etc...).  But I'm not.

Yeah, like every other girl in the world, I've had crushes on Actors and boys...  But to tell the truth, the "crush" always lasted maybe a week, day, hour....  I don't hangout around boys....  I'm just not interested.

When i turned 12, i really wanted a cell phone.  I asked my parents if i could have one, and i was really mad when they said no.  But it was for the best.  What would i do with it?  nothing.  None of my other friends had one.  I just wanted one so people thought i was cool.

I don't wear make-up.  Okay, my mom every once in a while will let me use her lipstick for special occasions, and is there was a spot on my face i was embarrassed about a spot on my face, she would cover it up with whatever it is....  I had it, then lost it....
My dad says i'm pretty enough to go without it, and I really don't care to be someone i'm not: Wear a face that's not mine.

I hardly watch tv, and if i did watch those shows, i'm not interested in the stuff of the world.  I prefer books.

I'm blessed enough to have my Mom at home teaching us kids, and I'm blessed that my Dad cares enough to hangout with us when he's home from work.  No we don't have all of those cool electronics that normal people have, but who cares about those things if you have family?  And I'm blessed to have a God that cares for me and protects me.

If you met me on the street, and if you got to know me, I'm not sure what you would think.  I would hope that you would see the happiness and love i receive from my God and family, the modesty i'm raised in, the trust i have, the young woman in Proverbs (can't remember the exact verse...) i'm trying to be.

Something happened yesterday...

So, a strange person was sneaking around our property.
It was about 4:13...  I had just gotten out of the shower and i heard our dogs barking, i dressed and came out, my mom and brother where outside, and my mom was freaking out....  I heard what happened and, oddly enough, felt no fear.  Our dogs had run this stranger off, and my mom had gotten a glimps of the stranger.
But the odd thing is; It would be dark in less than an hour, we live on 12 acres, so the person wouldn't be near a house before dark and he/she ran from our dogs.
I trust God enough that i know he won't allow anything anything to happen that he doesn't want to happen.  So I'm excited that i trust him like that, and i know i don't have to be afraid of anything.  But the scary thing is that I trust him that much because of all the scary things that have been happening around our home.

Well, I guess i'll be talkin' with ya'll later!
Love you!


P.s.  Wouldn't it be funny if i have actually seen you before?  Like literally in a store or parking lot?  That would be awesome!  So if any of you see me, get my attention!!!<3!!!  Introduce yourselves as a blogger and give me your blogger name<3

P.s.s.  I know it probably won't happen, but wouldn't it be cool to meet each other like that?!?!?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shopping Trip....... And Writing Contest reminder!

Okay so, you all like clothes, right???  I LOVE CLOTHES!  But, i hate when you grow out of your favorite things...  I've out grown alot of clothes in the last 2 years....  The last straw was when i ripped my best pair of jeans!  I was like screamed "NOOOOO!!!!!" like when Darth Vader screamed no on Revenge of the Sith....    (Okay that was nerdy...)

Yesterday was one of my familys "Shopping Trip to Last All Month" trips.  My parents go to Costco, J. C. Penny's (occasionally), Goodwill, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart.....  Funny thing is, my parents only made it as far as Goodwill and Walmart!  Because yesterday was a holiday, everything was 50% off at goodwill!  So My mom spent hours going through the clothes!  She got 4 big bags of really nice clothes, and she only spent like $70!  We got mostly pants...  And I've got a whole pile of long sleeves....  And a couple sweaters...  So now i get to go through my dresser, and give clothes to my sister Allison, and she gives clothes to our sister Sadie, and Sadie gives clothes to Rebekah.

After my parents came home for dinner, my mom and i went back to Goodwill and we got even MORE clothes...  It's our year supply!   so now we have lot's of new clothes and lots of excited girls!

Hey folks, my writing contest ends on the 26th this month!  Those of you who want to enter, get your stories ready:-D


Sunday, January 20, 2013

That Explicit Moment...

When one of your favorite writers comes out with her newest story.  Folks, I love all stories.  I love all of your stories.  But I love adore a certain series...  One that makes my feelings light up with joy or quake with fear.
Storyteller, I want to thank you for putting me in The Unusuals.  I love that series.  I love the way you made all the people fit together.  I feel like I know each and every character personally!  And I know it's weird, in a way, but I love that and I love all of you:-D  You know what would be the greatest birthday present ever for me?  If The Unusuals was published!!!!!!!!!!   I would love to have the book an actual book:-D

Soooo...  I taught myself to knit!  Yeah so those who follow me on pinterest, one thing off of my Bucket List!  WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  But did you know, you can bruise the pad of your finger?  Like, a bruise ON THE BONE?!?!?!?!  Well take it from someone who knows.  IT HURTS.

About a family member I love:
So I have this cousin...  Her name is Mackenzie.  She spent 2 years in Israel.  In the two years she was gone, even while she was gone, she inspired me.  She became my "role model."  We started emailing back and forth, and it was the most exciting thing for me.  One month, my aunt, uncle, and 9 year old cousin Mitchel went to Israel to see 'Kenzie.  Being 12 years old and in awe of this wonderful and caring cousin who was so far away, I made her a pair of slippers:-D  And what a funny pair of slippers they were!  One was bigger than the other, and one was crooked.

When my aunt came home, she handed me a little package.  (Okay.  There was a necklace i really wanted at this time...) I opened the package, and there is the exact one i wanted.  I never mentioned it to anyone but my mom.  And can you imagine what happened?  I cried.  I loved that necklace and hardly took it off.

Mackenzie is who inspired me to learn how to play guitar.  She is the one who, when I showed her some of the hat's I have been making, told me that I was really good and right then and there she placed an order.  She is the one who is inspiring
me to start running!  She has recently started running.  I would like to spend more time with her.

Good bye:
So, sorry...  That really doesn't have any point...  I just think highly of this person.  She is inspiring me to be better<3

Alright, sooooooooooo...  I won't bore you any longer:-D


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hi folks:-D  On with the show....
Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin is my favorite i think....

Fili and Kili are close in second though...  That is Kili by the way...This can be said for Fili and Thorin too..  Half because they are family, half because of their character....

Yes he stole my heart even before the movie^  I wish I could find one with Fili and Thorin too though...

My Fave's!

The three heirs to the thrown.  And I love them all!  In the book I always had a soft spot for Thorin, because he never had a home.  And I really liked Fili and Kili in the book too....  I'm in love with them as a family...

Yes it's a lame post.  Sorry<3

Worst. Hike. EVER.

Hi everyone, this is Myra:-D

So i learned a little more about the school I'm going to be going to by the end of this month.  It's not a God-fearing school.  They don't have a Christian school ANYWHERE in that area, so i'm going to be jumping off of a cliff, in a manner of speaking, into a river of crocodiles.  

So i'm the type of person who seriously looks at my options then hides to freak out alone.  And that what I decided to do today.  I decided to go hike up to a water fall in our national park, alone.  

So I'm walking and i stop to look at a dug up area and I start jogging and I made a good half mile, and than all of the sudden i start sneezing!  Like, uncontrollably!  I'm slowed to a walk and i notice a guy up ahead of me just staring.  I stop all together and stare back. and sneeze yet again.  I hold my breath and stare up at the sky, because it's supposed to help you stop, and, you'll never guess, I sneezed.

I recognized the guy through my very watery eyes (difficult....).  His name was Jacob and he was from the "CBCT" (aka: Classic book club for teen's).  It's not really for classic books now that i think of it....  Mostly all of the good CLEAN books out there in the big wide world.  Any ways...
Yeah so this guy is like 16...  I've never really "talked" to him.  Just a polite "hello" and "how-ya-doin?" type when our paths happened to cross.  And now, this awkward "this-is-really-weird" moment.

"Are you okay?" He asked after this really long awkward moment.
"Yeah I- *Sneeze* I'm fine." I answer.
"Is there something I could do to "*embarrassed pause*" Help?"
"No, I think I'm pretty *ACHOO* okay.  not okay actually."
"This is really weird."  The poor guy is just standing there.  I actually felt really bad for him.
"Yeah.  I can't think why I'm *ACHOO!* sneezing."
"Are you allergic to anything?"  He asked.
"Cat's, spinach, lava -sneeze- lamps...  Not really. Squirrels, oddly enough. *Sneeze*."
He started laughing.  Like alot.  "There are nests of them on this area!  Come on lets walk up further.  Maybe that would possibly help"
And it did.  So we introduced ourselves and i now have a new friend.  But to tell the truth, i feel really REALLY dumb.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

random pictures

color blind valentine

Random Funny Pictures – 55 Pics
my brother is like this except when the timer goes off

cute kitty

monty python
Monty Python vs. Gangnam Style

aww :')
that's sweet

i know it's terrible...

squeeky toy
i love his face

funny dogs, making friends

Random Funny Pictures – 28 Pics

Random Funny Pictures

Random Funny Pics
every dog is like this

Random Funny Pictures – 43 Pics
don't know who is who...

Random Funny Pictures – 43 Pics

Random Funny Pictures – 43 Pics

Random Funny Pictures – 37 Pics
puppy face!

Random Funny Pictures – 70 Pics
poor kid

he's so round

Random Funny Pictures – 45 Pics
the best

Okay:-)  I'm done:-D


You know your sick when...

1. your sitting in front of the tv watching a show you HATE and your not complaining.
2. the thought of chocolate makes you want to throw up. (sad, huh?)
3. when you crave lemons.
4. when you're so hot think you got stuck in Mount Doom.
5. you're surrounded by tissues.
6. you're chugging hot water. (i know.. weird.)
7. you literally can't talk.
8. you cough your throat raw.
9. when you sneeze you think your head exploded.
10. all you have eaten is a tiny bowl of applesauce.

That was what happened yesterday:-(
But here are some tricks that helped our family feel a little better:-D
So, if you start to get a fever; Take a hot bath.  as hot as you can stand.  stay in for as long as you can. then get out dress in the warmest clothes you have and get in bed.  wrap yourself in blankets like an enchilada and try to fall asleep.  if you can't sleep, try to stay wraped up for at least 5 hours.
If you have a cough;  take some Vicks Vaporub and rub it on the bottom of your feet (you don't have to rub it on your toes) and put on a pair of socks.  You can do it any time.  Don't ask me how, but it def' helps your cough either go away or calm down.

So, i'll be seein' ya!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Okay all my lovlies...

I have a prayer request... 

Last Friday my fam' on my Momma's side started getting really sicky...  A flu that lasted a week:-(  and as far as i know they are still sick...
Tuesday my sister Rebekah got sick...  It started with a head-ach, then achyness of the whole boby, then drowsyness, and finally throwing up.. 
It didn't happen to Bekah, but yeasterday i got an iritating tickle down in my throwt, and then a really bad cough, (it weird...  There isn't anything down there BUT the tickle) and about 12:00 got really REALLY sleepy...  I haven't been able to take a nap because i have a horrible head ach:-C 
My mom is getting it now... 
Is this the gross litle bug that has been flying around with you guys???  So will you pray that this bug goes away and stays away from EVERYONE???
Thank you:-D


P.S.  There is a "follow me on pinterest" up on the <side of my blog!!!  Follow me please! 

P.S.S.  I've been teaching myself to knit...  I'l try to post pic's when my project is done:-D  It's a long prosses, learning is... 


Sunday, January 6, 2013

//A totally me post//

Hola` mi amigoes!  (i'm pretty sure that's not how their spelled but, who cares.)

Saw this and loved it:
Who doesn't love this? 

So i was on  And for some odd reason, i found this hilarious.  I couldn't stop laughing.

Can i ask you guys somethin?

What do you think of my blog?  What can you gather from my posts about my personality?  What do you think of me as a blogger?

I know i'm not really anyone very special in the blogger world...  I just want to know what ya'll think of me:-D

Please comment! 


Whats better to you?

Hi:-D  This is a real short post by moi.  What kind of tea do you like?  My 4 favorites are: English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Chai, and Ginger Peach.  Three of those teas are dark.  So I'm more into dark teas:-D  Bye.

Now I know...

.. What my parents where hiding!  This is Myra Ross tuning in with the most shocking news of the century!
We. Are. Moving.  (*Dramatic Music and some lady swooning in the background*)
There!  I said it!  And something else is happening too. 
I never told you, but I'm home schooled.  
My parents won't have enough money for my school text-books and everything, so I'm going to PUBLIC School.  
I am so dead.  So very very VERY dead.
I will be the new girl, AND a home-schooled weirdo, AND a Christian.  That makes me a MUCH bigger target for trouble.  A MUCH bigger target.
The best thing is that we are moving to Ridgevill so i can be near my cousin Emily and her fam'.
My sister Ellen is staying here though.  She is going to take care of our house here while Sean and I have to go to this scary school.  I should probably clear this up a bit... Ellen is 19, Sean is 17, and I am 14 (almost 15..  My birthday is coming up.).
Here is how I found out what was up:
My parent where in the dining room talking.  I was up in my bedroom typing away on a book I'm writing on my laptop.  I get a text from Sean; "heads up"
I here foot steps and a knock on my door.
"Myra?  Cam we come in?"  I heard my dads voice say.  
"The door is open, come on in."  I give the okay.  
I close my laptop and turn around.  "What's up?"  I asked sort of nervous.   My mom, dad, and brother and sister are standing by the door.  
There is one of those uncomfortably long silences followed.  Ellen staring at the roof, my dad staring at a picture on the wall, my mom staring into my messy closet, and Sean messing around with his cell phone.  
I get a text from my cousin Emily:  I look down at my phone.
"Did they tell you yet?" it read.  I look up.  
"What's going on?  Some one needs to spill the beans."  
My dad looks at me.  "We're moving." his voice faltered.  "My job needs me to go to Ridgevill for a while..."
And everything spilled after that.
After they all left (except for Sean who was still standing there playing with his phone) i texted Emily back.
"Yup.  they told.  why didn't you?"
This was the response i got back:"I didn't know until Sean sent me an email.  I did 't even know he knew how to use a computer :)"
"Sean," I said, "do you have an email?"
He smiled and walked out of the room.
My brother isn't normally good with electronics.  I'm surprised.  Five minuets later i got the text; "how do you turn on the computer" and i smiled and went to help him.  

Now, i'm sitting on my bed wondering how I get into the kinds of things.  I don't want to move.  I've lived here my whole life.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Myra Ross

Hi Ya'll, so I told you that I wanted to do a continuing story in my post-before-last.  So without further ado~ The Myrtle Ross letters

Dear Readers,
This is Myrtle Ross!  Yeah I know.  I have a very old fashioned name and I don't like it much, so most people call me Myra (it sounds just like it's spelled).
Where do I begin?  How about, describing myself?  All right then. 
I'm sorta short.  You know, 5"2' isn't super tall. 
I have really black curly hair that goes down to my waist, and really odd eyes... 
A sorta purple/green color.  It's a pretty color so I'm told. 
I also have freckles.  Why do I have freckles?  They are the oddest feature on my face. 
I think I'm not very pretty, but everyone else says i am.  
My cousin Emily says I have a mysteriously gorgeous look (Em' is a little dramatic).  
My older sister Ellen says I'm plainly pretty.  
And my big brother, Sean, says that the world ought to have more eyes like mine.  For being a boy, he is a sweet brother.
My cousin Emily is almost the spitting image of me.  
There is only a handful of reasons why we aren't the same: 
1. Her hair is black but it is shoulder length 
2. Her eyes are round when mine are more of an almond shape
3. Her eyes are a startling green
4. You can't really tell, but she is taller by almost 3/4 of an inch
5. She has long hands.  My hands are small.
And the things you can't see:  She has a more out-going personality and (as I've said) slightly dramatic.  She is one week older than me.  

We used to do everything together.  We seen each other every day for years.  That ended the fateful day 4 years ago when she moved to *Ridgevill.  
A few weeks before she left, we both confided in each other that our parents where acting strange.  Then we both found out that she was going to move. 
I'm writing this because my parents have been acting that same way they did four years ago.  Something is going to change.  Big time.

So what did you think?  I hope you enjoyed her "preview!"  


*not a real place, i just made it up:-D

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, My Dears!

Auld Lang Syne
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

Chorus.-For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.
2013 12:22am
The kid in the hard hat and cookie monster shirt is my cousin Mitchel.
Bye my dears!  Happy new year!