Sunday, January 6, 2013

Now I know...

.. What my parents where hiding!  This is Myra Ross tuning in with the most shocking news of the century!
We. Are. Moving.  (*Dramatic Music and some lady swooning in the background*)
There!  I said it!  And something else is happening too. 
I never told you, but I'm home schooled.  
My parents won't have enough money for my school text-books and everything, so I'm going to PUBLIC School.  
I am so dead.  So very very VERY dead.
I will be the new girl, AND a home-schooled weirdo, AND a Christian.  That makes me a MUCH bigger target for trouble.  A MUCH bigger target.
The best thing is that we are moving to Ridgevill so i can be near my cousin Emily and her fam'.
My sister Ellen is staying here though.  She is going to take care of our house here while Sean and I have to go to this scary school.  I should probably clear this up a bit... Ellen is 19, Sean is 17, and I am 14 (almost 15..  My birthday is coming up.).
Here is how I found out what was up:
My parent where in the dining room talking.  I was up in my bedroom typing away on a book I'm writing on my laptop.  I get a text from Sean; "heads up"
I here foot steps and a knock on my door.
"Myra?  Cam we come in?"  I heard my dads voice say.  
"The door is open, come on in."  I give the okay.  
I close my laptop and turn around.  "What's up?"  I asked sort of nervous.   My mom, dad, and brother and sister are standing by the door.  
There is one of those uncomfortably long silences followed.  Ellen staring at the roof, my dad staring at a picture on the wall, my mom staring into my messy closet, and Sean messing around with his cell phone.  
I get a text from my cousin Emily:  I look down at my phone.
"Did they tell you yet?" it read.  I look up.  
"What's going on?  Some one needs to spill the beans."  
My dad looks at me.  "We're moving." his voice faltered.  "My job needs me to go to Ridgevill for a while..."
And everything spilled after that.
After they all left (except for Sean who was still standing there playing with his phone) i texted Emily back.
"Yup.  they told.  why didn't you?"
This was the response i got back:"I didn't know until Sean sent me an email.  I did 't even know he knew how to use a computer :)"
"Sean," I said, "do you have an email?"
He smiled and walked out of the room.
My brother isn't normally good with electronics.  I'm surprised.  Five minuets later i got the text; "how do you turn on the computer" and i smiled and went to help him.  

Now, i'm sitting on my bed wondering how I get into the kinds of things.  I don't want to move.  I've lived here my whole life.



  1. For a sec, I thought you were saying that YOU were moving! =D Awesome story!

    1. Lol... Sorry. No i'm not moving:) I'm staying comfy in my very own home:-D As far as i know we're not moving. I'm glad you liked it!!!


  2. Actually I pretty sure you have to buy text books for public school that's what my mom told me (she was public shooled) and also what one of my friends parents told me(she is also public schooled) so anyways that was when I knew you weren't talking about yourself and thank goodness too.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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