Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peculiar = Me

Hi folks!

Yes.  It really does.  If you saw me just walking down the street, you would think I'm a normal teenager (crushes, boy friends, cell phones, make-up, tons of friends, texting, watches the newest teen fad' tv shows, working parents, etc...).  But I'm not.

Yeah, like every other girl in the world, I've had crushes on Actors and boys...  But to tell the truth, the "crush" always lasted maybe a week, day, hour....  I don't hangout around boys....  I'm just not interested.

When i turned 12, i really wanted a cell phone.  I asked my parents if i could have one, and i was really mad when they said no.  But it was for the best.  What would i do with it?  nothing.  None of my other friends had one.  I just wanted one so people thought i was cool.

I don't wear make-up.  Okay, my mom every once in a while will let me use her lipstick for special occasions, and is there was a spot on my face i was embarrassed about a spot on my face, she would cover it up with whatever it is....  I had it, then lost it....
My dad says i'm pretty enough to go without it, and I really don't care to be someone i'm not: Wear a face that's not mine.

I hardly watch tv, and if i did watch those shows, i'm not interested in the stuff of the world.  I prefer books.

I'm blessed enough to have my Mom at home teaching us kids, and I'm blessed that my Dad cares enough to hangout with us when he's home from work.  No we don't have all of those cool electronics that normal people have, but who cares about those things if you have family?  And I'm blessed to have a God that cares for me and protects me.

If you met me on the street, and if you got to know me, I'm not sure what you would think.  I would hope that you would see the happiness and love i receive from my God and family, the modesty i'm raised in, the trust i have, the young woman in Proverbs (can't remember the exact verse...) i'm trying to be.

Something happened yesterday...

So, a strange person was sneaking around our property.
It was about 4:13...  I had just gotten out of the shower and i heard our dogs barking, i dressed and came out, my mom and brother where outside, and my mom was freaking out....  I heard what happened and, oddly enough, felt no fear.  Our dogs had run this stranger off, and my mom had gotten a glimps of the stranger.
But the odd thing is; It would be dark in less than an hour, we live on 12 acres, so the person wouldn't be near a house before dark and he/she ran from our dogs.
I trust God enough that i know he won't allow anything anything to happen that he doesn't want to happen.  So I'm excited that i trust him like that, and i know i don't have to be afraid of anything.  But the scary thing is that I trust him that much because of all the scary things that have been happening around our home.

Well, I guess i'll be talkin' with ya'll later!
Love you!


P.s.  Wouldn't it be funny if i have actually seen you before?  Like literally in a store or parking lot?  That would be awesome!  So if any of you see me, get my attention!!!<3!!!  Introduce yourselves as a blogger and give me your blogger name<3

P.s.s.  I know it probably won't happen, but wouldn't it be cool to meet each other like that?!?!?


  1. Yeah I have thought about it; I even know someone who looks just like one of the girls I follow except I know for a fact she isn't.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. That's cool<3 I would love to someday meet all of my followers! It's on my pinterest bucket list even:-D


  2. Do you live in the North or South? I am in GA!!

    1. I live in the North... You live on the other side of the U.S.! But I have cousins in GA.... I'll try to get there someday! Lol.


  3. I've dreamed about meeting you.... lol..... like I would see you and be like "OH MY WORD IT'S MADDIE!!!! MADDIE MADDIE! YEEK! IT'S STORYTELLER!!" lol =D I would definitely walk up to you, but I'm pretty sure we don't live by each other.... ;D

    1. Yeah, I want to meet you too!! That would be beyond awesome:-D I want to meet all of my blogger friends. Don't be shy if any of my fellow bloggers if you happen to cross my path!!! Lol.
      Yours Truly,


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