Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hi folks:-D  On with the show....
Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin is my favorite i think....

Fili and Kili are close in second though...  That is Kili by the way...This can be said for Fili and Thorin too..  Half because they are family, half because of their character....

Yes he stole my heart even before the movie^  I wish I could find one with Fili and Thorin too though...

My Fave's!

The three heirs to the thrown.  And I love them all!  In the book I always had a soft spot for Thorin, because he never had a home.  And I really liked Fili and Kili in the book too....  I'm in love with them as a family...

Yes it's a lame post.  Sorry<3


  1. Yeah<3 It's Kili and Thorin. I love those two dwarfs... I always liked Thorin, but ever since i watched the movie, Kili has been my second favorite. I think it's just guys with bows honestly... Thorins singing and Kili and his bow<3



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