Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Myra Ross

Hi Ya'll, so I told you that I wanted to do a continuing story in my post-before-last.  So without further ado~ The Myrtle Ross letters

Dear Readers,
This is Myrtle Ross!  Yeah I know.  I have a very old fashioned name and I don't like it much, so most people call me Myra (it sounds just like it's spelled).
Where do I begin?  How about, describing myself?  All right then. 
I'm sorta short.  You know, 5"2' isn't super tall. 
I have really black curly hair that goes down to my waist, and really odd eyes... 
A sorta purple/green color.  It's a pretty color so I'm told. 
I also have freckles.  Why do I have freckles?  They are the oddest feature on my face. 
I think I'm not very pretty, but everyone else says i am.  
My cousin Emily says I have a mysteriously gorgeous look (Em' is a little dramatic).  
My older sister Ellen says I'm plainly pretty.  
And my big brother, Sean, says that the world ought to have more eyes like mine.  For being a boy, he is a sweet brother.
My cousin Emily is almost the spitting image of me.  
There is only a handful of reasons why we aren't the same: 
1. Her hair is black but it is shoulder length 
2. Her eyes are round when mine are more of an almond shape
3. Her eyes are a startling green
4. You can't really tell, but she is taller by almost 3/4 of an inch
5. She has long hands.  My hands are small.
And the things you can't see:  She has a more out-going personality and (as I've said) slightly dramatic.  She is one week older than me.  

We used to do everything together.  We seen each other every day for years.  That ended the fateful day 4 years ago when she moved to *Ridgevill.  
A few weeks before she left, we both confided in each other that our parents where acting strange.  Then we both found out that she was going to move. 
I'm writing this because my parents have been acting that same way they did four years ago.  Something is going to change.  Big time.

So what did you think?  I hope you enjoyed her "preview!"  


*not a real place, i just made it up:-D


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