Thursday, January 10, 2013

Okay all my lovlies...

I have a prayer request... 

Last Friday my fam' on my Momma's side started getting really sicky...  A flu that lasted a week:-(  and as far as i know they are still sick...
Tuesday my sister Rebekah got sick...  It started with a head-ach, then achyness of the whole boby, then drowsyness, and finally throwing up.. 
It didn't happen to Bekah, but yeasterday i got an iritating tickle down in my throwt, and then a really bad cough, (it weird...  There isn't anything down there BUT the tickle) and about 12:00 got really REALLY sleepy...  I haven't been able to take a nap because i have a horrible head ach:-C 
My mom is getting it now... 
Is this the gross litle bug that has been flying around with you guys???  So will you pray that this bug goes away and stays away from EVERYONE???
Thank you:-D


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P.S.S.  I've been teaching myself to knit...  I'l try to post pic's when my project is done:-D  It's a long prosses, learning is... 


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  1. Oh dear, I'm so sorry for you I'm still getting over my flu I still get awful headaches, ear aches, and body pains also occasionally I cough myself into a really bad headache sooo yeah but I've been taking some headache relief medicine and I'm getting better quickly other than my stuffy nose which like always is taking it's sweet time to go away oh well I don't get sick hardly at all so I should be thankful that I probably won't get another flu, cold, or fever until maybe next year :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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