Sunday, January 20, 2013

That Explicit Moment...

When one of your favorite writers comes out with her newest story.  Folks, I love all stories.  I love all of your stories.  But I love adore a certain series...  One that makes my feelings light up with joy or quake with fear.
Storyteller, I want to thank you for putting me in The Unusuals.  I love that series.  I love the way you made all the people fit together.  I feel like I know each and every character personally!  And I know it's weird, in a way, but I love that and I love all of you:-D  You know what would be the greatest birthday present ever for me?  If The Unusuals was published!!!!!!!!!!   I would love to have the book an actual book:-D

Soooo...  I taught myself to knit!  Yeah so those who follow me on pinterest, one thing off of my Bucket List!  WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  But did you know, you can bruise the pad of your finger?  Like, a bruise ON THE BONE?!?!?!?!  Well take it from someone who knows.  IT HURTS.

About a family member I love:
So I have this cousin...  Her name is Mackenzie.  She spent 2 years in Israel.  In the two years she was gone, even while she was gone, she inspired me.  She became my "role model."  We started emailing back and forth, and it was the most exciting thing for me.  One month, my aunt, uncle, and 9 year old cousin Mitchel went to Israel to see 'Kenzie.  Being 12 years old and in awe of this wonderful and caring cousin who was so far away, I made her a pair of slippers:-D  And what a funny pair of slippers they were!  One was bigger than the other, and one was crooked.

When my aunt came home, she handed me a little package.  (Okay.  There was a necklace i really wanted at this time...) I opened the package, and there is the exact one i wanted.  I never mentioned it to anyone but my mom.  And can you imagine what happened?  I cried.  I loved that necklace and hardly took it off.

Mackenzie is who inspired me to learn how to play guitar.  She is the one who, when I showed her some of the hat's I have been making, told me that I was really good and right then and there she placed an order.  She is the one who is inspiring
me to start running!  She has recently started running.  I would like to spend more time with her.

Good bye:
So, sorry...  That really doesn't have any point...  I just think highly of this person.  She is inspiring me to be better<3

Alright, sooooooooooo...  I won't bore you any longer:-D



  1. I totally agree- The Unusuals is my fav.! Such a great story! LUV this post Maddie.

  2. Oh yeah I know what you mean I took up Crocheting for awhile and my fingers hurt for weeks; I still like crocheting I just don't do it as often now.
    Your Friend

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you about the Unusuals! =D

  4. I really hope I can get it published, if only for your sake. =D haha I once tried to teach myself how to play the guitar... let's just say my fingers screamed at me. =D That's so awesome, Maddie!! You have such a great family. :) (You're one of the great ones lol)

    1. That's sweet of you<3
      Yeah. Guitar does hurt your fingers pretty bad for a while:-D But i've got pretty good callouses built up on my fingers now:-D
      And thank you. I do have a great family<3



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