Saturday, January 19, 2013

Worst. Hike. EVER.

Hi everyone, this is Myra:-D

So i learned a little more about the school I'm going to be going to by the end of this month.  It's not a God-fearing school.  They don't have a Christian school ANYWHERE in that area, so i'm going to be jumping off of a cliff, in a manner of speaking, into a river of crocodiles.  

So i'm the type of person who seriously looks at my options then hides to freak out alone.  And that what I decided to do today.  I decided to go hike up to a water fall in our national park, alone.  

So I'm walking and i stop to look at a dug up area and I start jogging and I made a good half mile, and than all of the sudden i start sneezing!  Like, uncontrollably!  I'm slowed to a walk and i notice a guy up ahead of me just staring.  I stop all together and stare back. and sneeze yet again.  I hold my breath and stare up at the sky, because it's supposed to help you stop, and, you'll never guess, I sneezed.

I recognized the guy through my very watery eyes (difficult....).  His name was Jacob and he was from the "CBCT" (aka: Classic book club for teen's).  It's not really for classic books now that i think of it....  Mostly all of the good CLEAN books out there in the big wide world.  Any ways...
Yeah so this guy is like 16...  I've never really "talked" to him.  Just a polite "hello" and "how-ya-doin?" type when our paths happened to cross.  And now, this awkward "this-is-really-weird" moment.

"Are you okay?" He asked after this really long awkward moment.
"Yeah I- *Sneeze* I'm fine." I answer.
"Is there something I could do to "*embarrassed pause*" Help?"
"No, I think I'm pretty *ACHOO* okay.  not okay actually."
"This is really weird."  The poor guy is just standing there.  I actually felt really bad for him.
"Yeah.  I can't think why I'm *ACHOO!* sneezing."
"Are you allergic to anything?"  He asked.
"Cat's, spinach, lava -sneeze- lamps...  Not really. Squirrels, oddly enough. *Sneeze*."
He started laughing.  Like alot.  "There are nests of them on this area!  Come on lets walk up further.  Maybe that would possibly help"
And it did.  So we introduced ourselves and i now have a new friend.  But to tell the truth, i feel really REALLY dumb.


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