Saturday, January 12, 2013

You know your sick when...

1. your sitting in front of the tv watching a show you HATE and your not complaining.
2. the thought of chocolate makes you want to throw up. (sad, huh?)
3. when you crave lemons.
4. when you're so hot think you got stuck in Mount Doom.
5. you're surrounded by tissues.
6. you're chugging hot water. (i know.. weird.)
7. you literally can't talk.
8. you cough your throat raw.
9. when you sneeze you think your head exploded.
10. all you have eaten is a tiny bowl of applesauce.

That was what happened yesterday:-(
But here are some tricks that helped our family feel a little better:-D
So, if you start to get a fever; Take a hot bath.  as hot as you can stand.  stay in for as long as you can. then get out dress in the warmest clothes you have and get in bed.  wrap yourself in blankets like an enchilada and try to fall asleep.  if you can't sleep, try to stay wraped up for at least 5 hours.
If you have a cough;  take some Vicks Vaporub and rub it on the bottom of your feet (you don't have to rub it on your toes) and put on a pair of socks.  You can do it any time.  Don't ask me how, but it def' helps your cough either go away or calm down.

So, i'll be seein' ya!


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  1. I'm sorry your sick:( I'm actually sick 2 @ this moment! I know how u feel!


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