Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poem Girl's Guest Post!!!!

*Note:  I am posting this for her...*  

My Guest Post....

Hello Girls! 
This is Poem Girl but you can call me Sarah. I’m a Poem writing, Story creating, Book reading, Song singing, Blue Eyed Christian girl who can’t wait to write this my first guest post. 


I’m going to make this post about stories, well actually a plot scenario for a story a sort of example you can take and use if you’d like, I really like doing these so here it is…

Main Character: 
Iris Vienna 

Short curly blonde hair, rosy cheeks, perky personality 

Other Important Characters:
Christian Lark 
Kitty Parou 
James (Jamey) Parou

Iris gets separated in Paris while touring with her family, before long she is hopelessly lost, she meets up with Christian whom she recognizes as the boy who was continually sneaking into the steerage section of the ship she’d sailed from America on. Christian reveals he’s not supposed to be in Paris but had been shoved off the boat with the crowds and wants to somehow find away to make to the next state, the two team up and look for ways to get back to their families. Later they meet up with Kitty and Jamey Parou a pair of runaway orphans who are seeking a better life in America. The siblings turn out to know every street in Paris and agree to help Christian and Iris only if they’ll find away to get them on the boat, Christian and Iris agree and they all set out.

This book’ll be a thrilling adventure that takes the foursome though trial after trial there’s Captures, Secret tunnels, Espionage, Danger, and Travel. The brave writer who takes on this page turner will have her work cut out!

Thanks for reading and thank you to Maddie for letting me do this it was a lot of fun!

The Mysterious Sarah Sincere 

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