Friday, March 29, 2013

Volunteer? I'm sure you will!


Some of you will know I am going to write a book.  And I need volunteers to play characters!!!!

So I'll base the main characters on whoever wants to be in my book:)

Let me tell you what your going to be getting into:

A group of Teens are on their first mission for "I.I." (Incognito Intelligence) Juniors division, which means all teenagers 18 and under are banned from any Adult personnel help.  After weeks of hard training, they must learn to work together or their mission will fail and they will removed from I.I. field work.  Problems arise when I.I.'s top agents and leaders suddenly go missing.  Will they stay together and complete there mission and rescue their friends?  Or will they give up in defeat to their enemies?

I might change the story line after I get into it, but for now this is the plan:)

Here is a list of all the girls:

Gale Porter Played by Me
Eleanor Peterson    Played by Layla
Kennedy Jones   Played by MajorAGFan<3
Georgie Dukes Played by Allison (My sister:D)
Amelia Smith
Melanie Whitman
Keira Adams  Played by Poem Girl
Mandy Clark
Annie Adams  Played by Ani (Poem Girls sister)
Lucy Nelson
Sydney Brooks  Played by Hannah
Emma Bell
Robin Murphy Played by Madeline
Ashley Watson Played by Storyteller
Tess Coleman Played by Brittney Ann
Natalie James  Played by Jess

Pick the name you like best and I will give you your "talents";-D  It may take me a few days to get back to y'all on that...  But I'll do my best!!!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crochet and Tunisian Crochet

Soooo, all of y'all know that I like LOVE to crochet.  Love it.  Here is all the fun stuff I've been working on!

My head bands...

Micky Mouse!!!  (The red thing in supposed to his pants...  They didn't work out so well...)

A Rubber Ducky cap:-)  It needs eyes, but I haven't found the right ones yet:-D

Can you guess who the little guy is?  Well, I'll tell ya anyhow.  It's a Yoda Roman Headband:-)

And my Micky Mouse Roman headband:-D

Tunisian Crochet

I recently learned to Tunisian crochet.   It's basically crochet/knitting.   It's fun:)  You use a double ended crochet hook and pick up loops...

MP3 Sweaters!!!  Or Cozies...  So easy and so fun to make!

I like these...  A nice thick headband:)  

I figured out how to switch colors:-D  
I love colors....  I love that I get to work with them:)


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Ello Chaps:-D

I was just thinking of something my baby sister said today...  She was looking at me today and suddenly proclaimed, "I just noticed!  You look like Susan!"

I was like "What?!  Wait, which Susan do you mean?"  Because I know some Susan's, and there are Susan's in various movies I've watched.

"You look like Susan!  Like from Narnia.  You know the girl with the bow?  The one who * disgusted look* kissed Caspian in that one?" (one meaning the movie Prince Caspian)

"Seriously?  I am NOT Susan pretty Bekah.  There is no way no HOW I look anything like her."

"Yes you do. "

Then my mom jumped in.  "I can see how you look like her."

"You to?  Your kidding.  I AM NOT queen Susan pretty."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"You are pretty like her though!"

"No I am not.  She is the pretty any girl would want to be.  Nobody want's to look like me.  They want to be pretty like the girls in movies.  Like Taylor Swift, and Natalie Portman and all the pretty girls from movies."

And so that battle raved on...   I'm just asking, and PLEASE answer what you really think.  Do I really - even a little- look like Susan?

  I really don't think there is any resemblance...

Anywho....  Tell me what ya'll think:-D


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Murder Mystery

That's right!  My family did a Murder Mystery Dinner Party!  It was super fun:-D

"Murder at Devenshire Manor"  

I don't have time to tell how everything went....  But I'll post pictures I took and tell about the people who played characters:-D

Rebekah (left) Played Officer Jones, Zelta Fox (middle) played Logan Anthony, a  collage regitarar, and Sadie is Melanie Peterson, Assistant reporter. 

Mitchel:  Riley Corals, a cantankerous old fisherman.

Mrs. Candi Runyon:  Dakota Green, Math nerd.  (I'm not kidding.  That's really what she was assigned to be.)
My Uncle Rob (left):  Reese Harvey, personal trainer.    Ron Ronyon: Ashton Harvey, website designer.

My Dad Allen (Left): Officer Nelson (You know what he is.)  And my brother Nathan: Officer Jones.

My Cousin-in-law Katie: Peyton Crownly, Dental reseptionest. (she was the victim of the murder)

My aunt Susie (SHE WOULDN'T SMILE!!!): Jackie Bean, Boss of the "Greet O'Lay Potatoes Chips" corporation.

My cousin cousin Mackenzie (The one you've heard so much about!):  Doctor Furen Feathers, Vet.  (She ended up being the murderer! :( )

 Alison: Alex Maxim, reporter.

And this pretty fella...  This is my cousin Perry: Parker Tankus, rockstar.  (don't worry, he doesn't really go around looking like that.  It's just his costume:-D)

My mom played Drew Adel, a social media consultant.

And that covers everyone i think....  Except moi...

I'm on the far right... Pat Couric, reporter and photographer, at your service!

Okay, Here are some more random pictures before I sign off:-D

Ahhhh...  The Murderer and her lovely Victim...  

The Rockstar, Fisherman and Vet are siblings.  Perry and Katie are married:D  I love that Kenzie  goofs up while I'm taking pictures:-D

Zelta and Ron are siblings, Candi is married to Ron


Bro and Sis~  He looks hilarious and She look horrified XD 


Okay, It's almost time for me to go to bed :-D  Goodnite ya'll!


A giveaway!!

Hi every one!!!

The lovely Brittney Ann is having a giveaway at her awesome blog Daughter of the King!!!  She just got 60 followers!!!  I'm so excited for her:-D

Okay, it would make me amazingly happy if you enter her giveaway!  She is such a sweet person!


P.S.  Love you Britt!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Star Wars: A Geeks Post

*Click before reading*

Hiya peeps!  

Yeah...  I'm back for a real post:D  
Its going to be about what a wish and love about Star Wars.  

And now, begins it does.

I totally love the original trilogy best.  It's got something to it that the new three don't have.

I wish Luke was my brother.  
If you asked me why, I couldn't really give you an answer.  
This is a wish that I've had ever since I was like 5.  No I don't wish that I was Leia, but I've always wanted to have Luke for my big brother.  
I've always had a fine idea of him teaching me how to use his lightsaber:D

I've always had a huge crush on Han Solo.  
I've got no clue why.....    
Maybe because of his hilarious way of being cocky?  
The way he saves my dear big brother Luke from Darth Vader in A New Hope?  
The way he apologized in Return of the Jedi?
I could go on and on...  
But I won't because it'll get super boring:-D

My favorite planet in the whole saga is Naboo.  It reminds me of the Shire.  Peaceful, green, friendly...  I love it.

 I love this picture<3  

I love Storm Troopers<3   Love um...

And finally, Yoda:-D

And my Favorite quote......  I repeat this all the time<3

Love it.


I need this poster in my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

;-D  Got ya!

Alrighty...  I'll go now!!  


P.S. You totally need to listen to this!!! A-Cappella is awesome!!!!  Regret it you will not! ;-)