Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hi everyone!

So yesterday was my Grandma's funeral...  It was sweet, lots of people came, and they had Bagpipes:-)  My grandma loved bagpipes.  

People told their memories and watched slid shows of pictures throughout her life...  

I only have fragments of memories from Grandma from when I was little...  She always had a bin of rubber boots of every size.  There was always enough dolls to go around.  Always enough chalk, bikes, wagons, hula-hoops for us to play with and we always had a turn on a swing set no matter how many kids where there.

After the funeral we had a couple cousins, aunts and uncles come up to our house.  The grownups hung-out in our garage while I babysat kiddos in the house:-D  I got to meet cousins I've never met before:-D

Here is a picture of my cousin Luke (he's in the middle), my cousin Chloe (right), and Looka (left.  I don;t know if that;s really how his name is spelled....  But it's the ways it sounds).

I haven't seen Luke in 6 years and I hadn't even met Looka till last night.  That is one of the best pictures I shot last night:-D

We didn't get to bed till 1:30.  I almost fell asleep talking :p



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