Monday, March 4, 2013

Storyteller's interview...

Hi people!  I interviewed the lovely Storyteller!!!  So without further ado:

1.  What inspires your blog posts?

God, my friends, what's happening in my life, and myself, I guess. =D

2.  What was the 1st blog you followed?

Your lovely blog, ma'am. ;D

3.  Do you like Photography or Drawing best?

I like both, but probably drawing, because I love my new way of doing it. (Well, it's not really new anymore.... =P) ;)

4.  What type of stories do you like to write best?

I like to write stories that are kind of magical but still have God in them. (Because without Him, I'm nothing.) Kind of like the Unusuals. ;)

5.  What kind of camera do/does you/your-family have?

A not very big one. =P

6.  How long have you know your best friend(s)?

Hmm..... about seven years, for most of them. ;)

7.  What is your favorite outfit?

Nice-ish jeans, hoodie, Bearpaw boots. ;) (Example here)

8.  Coffee or Tea? (if Tea, What flavor(s)?)

Tea!! I really love peppermint tea. Always have. ;)

9.  Which Unusual character(s) did you enjoy writing most?

Hmm.... so far? Well, I don't know. I've really enjoyed writing all of them, frankly! =D Zane's and Adrian's parts were really fun for me, but then I really like Sonya and Maddie too, of course. As of right now I'm enjoying writing D's part in the fourth Unusuals book, The Unusuals: The Half Unusuals. (She's hilarious. =D)

10.  How many blogs have designed?

A LOT. ;D I don't think I could really count..... I love it!! =)

11.  What is your favorite movie on the planet?

One of them is How to Train Your Dragon. Another one is The Adventures of Tintin, mostly because I read the comics before I watched the movie and the voices fit like perfectly with what I'd always imagined.

12.  How long have you had your library card?  (I'm just amusing that you have one:-D)

Seven years. ;) Actually, our librarian knows us so well, that for some reason we don't need the card anymore..... (*strange*)(good thing, too, because I think I lost mine.... =P)

13.  What was the name of the 1st story you've ever written?

Princess something. (Lost Princess? The Princess...?) It was about a girl named Valerie Merriwether........ (Piano Bookworm should know something about that name... ;D)

14.  How long have you been skiing?

Wow, um.... the first time I've ever skied was the only time I've ever skied. (a few weeks ago...) But I get to go skiing again this Thursday!! Yippee!!!! ;D

15.  Who was the 1st person to follow your blog and what was your reaction?

You were, my dear. ;D My reaction was "OH MY GOSH SOMEBODY FROM CYBER SPACE COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!!" No joke. haha =D

Thanks for the interview!! It was TONS of fun!!! =)


Here is a picture for you to take;-D  Pull it of my blog with my link and put it on your side bar.

Thank you Storyteller!  Sooo...  About being a "cyber space person" I hope I didn't freak you out to much (<3 Lol....)   I was so amazed by your stories!!!  And I wouldn't have traded missing out on your blog for anything in the world!


  1. haha no, you didn't freak me out, I was excited. =D Well, I'm glad. :) I wouldn't want to trade finding your blog, either!! :)

    P.S. Is the design OK? :)

    1. Good:-D I'm glad!

      Yes! The blog design is beautiful!!! I love it!!! Thank you for designing it<3



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