Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Murder Mystery

That's right!  My family did a Murder Mystery Dinner Party!  It was super fun:-D

"Murder at Devenshire Manor"  

I don't have time to tell how everything went....  But I'll post pictures I took and tell about the people who played characters:-D

Rebekah (left) Played Officer Jones, Zelta Fox (middle) played Logan Anthony, a  collage regitarar, and Sadie is Melanie Peterson, Assistant reporter. 

Mitchel:  Riley Corals, a cantankerous old fisherman.

Mrs. Candi Runyon:  Dakota Green, Math nerd.  (I'm not kidding.  That's really what she was assigned to be.)
My Uncle Rob (left):  Reese Harvey, personal trainer.    Ron Ronyon: Ashton Harvey, website designer.

My Dad Allen (Left): Officer Nelson (You know what he is.)  And my brother Nathan: Officer Jones.

My Cousin-in-law Katie: Peyton Crownly, Dental reseptionest. (she was the victim of the murder)

My aunt Susie (SHE WOULDN'T SMILE!!!): Jackie Bean, Boss of the "Greet O'Lay Potatoes Chips" corporation.

My cousin cousin Mackenzie (The one you've heard so much about!):  Doctor Furen Feathers, Vet.  (She ended up being the murderer! :( )

 Alison: Alex Maxim, reporter.

And this pretty fella...  This is my cousin Perry: Parker Tankus, rockstar.  (don't worry, he doesn't really go around looking like that.  It's just his costume:-D)

My mom played Drew Adel, a social media consultant.

And that covers everyone i think....  Except moi...

I'm on the far right... Pat Couric, reporter and photographer, at your service!

Okay, Here are some more random pictures before I sign off:-D

Ahhhh...  The Murderer and her lovely Victim...  

The Rockstar, Fisherman and Vet are siblings.  Perry and Katie are married:D  I love that Kenzie  goofs up while I'm taking pictures:-D

Zelta and Ron are siblings, Candi is married to Ron


Bro and Sis~  He looks hilarious and She look horrified XD 


Okay, It's almost time for me to go to bed :-D  Goodnite ya'll!



  1. It looks like you all had a good time:):)

    1. We had a great time:-D Thanks for your comment:-D


  2. That looks fun!! I wish I was there!!! By the way, I found messenger and son!!!!! I was so psyched!!!

    1. Thank Layla:-D I wish you where there too:-D

      OH YAY!!! AWESOME! You'll have to tell me what you think of them:-D I bawled over Messenger and almost died over Son..... I'm excited you finally get to read them!!!!!!!


    2. I know, Messenger was so amazingly tragically horrifyingly sad! I got so sad at, you know, THAT part;( And son... I almost died too! Our reactions were ridiculously similar:) But despite all that, I really loved them!!! My older brother is now reading them and he seemed more angry than sad:)

    3. At THAT part, I had to read it over twice:( I couldn't believe it.


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