Hiya folks and welcome to my "Bead" page:-)  This page will have pictures of some of the things I have beaded.  I'll answer any questions about the making process!!

Beading is a great pastime.  You get to practice with colors and work with material to make the coolest pieces!  It shows your creativity and you imagination:-D

This top necklace is a Silver Clam shell charm on a Mother-of-Pearl cluster with glass beads.  I think it's a fun summery piece:-D

This is a HUGE glass pendent with plain white seed-beads, blue crystal and pale-ish Mother-of-Pearl beads.

Swirls and Twirls-  Silver chain, purple crystal, and silver wire twirls hand made by moi.

This is a Fall themed necklace with glass leaves and natural stone beads on a silver chain. 

Victorian Choker- silver and plastic charm with glass seed beads and crystals.

This is just a fun summer themed one with hemp cord, wooden beads and a silver flower.

Ahhh... So simple but doesn't it give you a Sea like feel?  Hemp cord, glass "barrel" beads and a silver sea turtle.

This is def' a beach themed necklace.  A Multi-Metal whale charm, silver flower divider beads, Pearl, shell, stone, plain seed beads and Mother-Of-Pearl chips;-D

This is a fun Girly necklace:-D  Silver Victorian charms, pink pearls, plain tube beads, opaque silver beads and various types of crystal.

This is my best necklace!  A long "Early Morning Garden" themed necklace with blue seed beads, a silver and blue enamel crystal charm, silver leaf divider beads, glass, crystal, stone, silver and little rock chip beads:-D

I hope you enjoy looking at them!!!  Tell me what you like best!!!!!!!



  1. Oh my word! Those are so beautiful! I wish you made and sold those exact ones, I would DEFINITELY buy one. They are soo beautiful!

    Please consider making and selling some necklaces, they are truly amazing.

  2. Thank you very much! I can consider selling:-) Which is your favorite? Maybe I can set up a thing for you:-D I was actually considering making and selling:-) It would be fun:-)


  3. I love you're necklaces!! I like to bead myself, but I am not so talented like that!!

  4. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love them!! You're great at making necklaces, Maddie!! You should definitely try selling them!!!!!!! =D

  5. I like the first and third ones.. :) Very hard to choose. :)

  6. Thank you thank you one and all! It's fun to do:-) And I like to do it:-D
    Do I have any offers? I'll sell;-) I'm glad everybody likes them!!!

  7. Those are really great!!!!!!!!!!! I would definitely buy some from you!!!!!

    1. Glad you like 'em! They are such fun to make<3



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