Saturday, June 8, 2013

Surprise!!! I'm finally posting;-D

Hey guys! 

So I've been feeling bad about neglecting you:-|... I'm super super sorry! I've just been having 'bloggers block'.

My life has been crazy so I'm both physically and emotionally exhausted. And on top of that I've found out that I've got allergies. Not fun. 
Headaches, coughing, not sleeping well, itchy eyes, slight breathing difficulty and all that other fun stuff. Yippee.
The worst headache I've had so far was last night. It was excruciating:( it almost make me puke.... Ugh. 

I can't wait to be done with school! Learning is fun, but I'm ready to relax and hangout:)

Sooooo, we redid my bedroom! I share my room with my sister Allison and we used to have bunk beds and a really ugly old carpet.
Not any more:D we took everything out of the room and ripped the carpet out and replaced it with hard flooring. The bunk beds have been replaced with twin beds with drawers in the bottom for extra storage and we put shelving up:) it's pretty awesome:)

You know you're a homeschooler when... You decide to teach yourself a new language over the summer! 
I found an app for my iPod to help teach me German:D it's actually really close to most English! It's been really fun so far. But then again I am only in the first week:P when I'm done with German I'm going to learn French so I can speak it with my cousin Perry:) fun;D

Love you guys! Hope you've been doing good and are enjoying your lives!



  1. I hate allergies! I had them earlier this year.
    I've been trying to learn Spanish but I used a program that was on our old computer and it died and mom hasn't put it on our new computer so I haven't done it recently :P.
    Hope you don't have any more headaches!

    1. Yeah they're not fun:-/
      I learned some Spanish when I was 7 or so... But I've forgoten most of it:P
      And thanks! I hope I don't get any more either;P

  2. Aww! :( I'm so sorry about your allergies, Maddie. :( My brother is allergic to a bunch of stuff, like dust and cats. I hope you're doing alright. And that's cool about German too! :)


    1. Thanks Hannah! Aw... Sorry for your brother. At least my alergies might go away after a while (I think I'm just allergic to cotton wood and pollen.). Your brother has to be careful of those all the time:-/
      I'm excited to learn a new language:D

  3. Your room sounds cute! We have been ripping up carpet in lots of rooms of our house lately and using hard wood flooring!
    I think we ripped the carpet up in my room about five years ago, and got the hard wood re-polished and put twin beds up there. Three of us girls shared a room for a while now it's just me and my younger sister.

    Hope you get better and feel awesome!

    Blessings and Shalom


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