Monday, July 1, 2013


Hey everyone!

So first off I just want thank you for all your prayer for our calf. it really means a lot:) unfortunately, our little calf passed away Saturday night:'( we ended up figuring out what was the matter and doing an emergency operation in the middle of the night... she did okay while we were taking care of her but she was gone in the morning:(

but i promised you guys pictures of the animals so here they are:D

this is Nanny, the milk goat.

this is T Bone, who was sold at action a few days ago.

this was Piper, the one who died:( she was a beautiful little heifer!

these are two of the pigs:) 

this is a pig too but hes like a Kune-Kune or something... he's like a tank! 

these are the sheep. Mary and her little Lamb ;) 

this is Charlie and the little white one is Bunk. he wouldn't let me get a good picture of him:-/

this is Oreo! he's brand new! like seriously he's like 3 days old. he's so soft and silky!

this is Bambi:) i love him<3 he's so gentle and calm! he's 4 days old.

I love both of the calves, but Oreo is so rough and energetic... They're both cute ADORABLE though:)
Saturday night these two were brought to our house and put in a pen along with poor sick Piper. when we were doing the operation Bambi kept getting in the way and was trying to eat us, so it was my job to keep him busy. I fed him and he kept sucking on my hands, fingers, shirt ans pants. i was covered with slobber! it was so gross xD
today while i was watching Oreo finish eating he chased me out the pen door! he was trying to suck on my favorite pair of shorts. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! lol:)
We also have chickens and some ducks but I didn't get any good pictures of them.

so what are all of you going to do for 4th of July? hope you're going to have a good time:D

GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT IS STILL HERE! hopefully it doesn't leave. but hey just to be safe, i recommend getting Bloglovin! i like it way better than google reader:)

later my awesome followers!

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