Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teleportation, sad-ish, book work and I need your guys help.

Okay:) I'm back again! wow three posts in two days... whats with me? Am i finally ready to bring you guys the exciting blogger I've been trying to be? Haha, we'll see:)

So first off is the matter of Teteportation:
Yesterday i was texting with my best friend Silence (you can check out her AG blog here) and somehow the idea of Teleporting came up in our conversation.
See, we've only met once in our lives and have stayed friends for the last 4 (or 5... i can't remember) years. We live 4 hours away from each other and never get to meet up.  Sad, huh? yeah.
So we thought about how extremely awesome it would be if we could Teleport. We could visit each other every day! we could just POP up for lunch and sleepovers and we could travel the world FOR FREE! You don't have to buy any food because you could just zip back home for lunch.
HEY! I just realized! I could meet you guys!!!!!!!!  How cool would that be? Pretty fantastic, right?

Okayyyyy next comes... sadness.
1) I read Codebearers and I really liked the character Sam. Like he was the coolest dude ever. Then I find out he died. Oh my poor heart! Yet another heroic death of my favorite character:( I'm doomed to the fate of living with my favorites dying:'(
2) our school computer broke down and there was a book my sister Allison and I were writing and now it's lost:( no kidding we've been working on it for 2 years.
3)I need to rewrite and finish that spy book staring most of you. It's a disaster area.

Okay moving along to book work:)
1) I rewrote a horrible plot and turned it into a AMAZING adventure! I'll try to get it done soon so y'all can read it:D
2) I really need to fix up that spy book. The plot kept changing and things kept happening all confused and I forgot to make a bad guy. I know! How does one forget them?! Well, I can and did. So, I need to make a terrifyingly smart crazy bad guy. And I need a name for him.

Alrighty!!! Now I need your help! Please tell me about a good book or series that I can read! I've read almost all of the good books at our library and now I need recommendations for some killer reading material. Please will ya help? It'd be awesome if you did:D

Well, I gotta go but please pop in and comment me some of your favorite books:)

Signing off,


  1. Here are some of my favorite books:
    The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness something (definitely read this! If you like extreme adventure, a little romance, and tons of excitement, you will love it!)
    The Laughing Cavalier and The First Sir Percy (prequels to the Scarlet Pimpernel)
    Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott (read for same reason as Scarlet Pimpernel)
    Anne of Green Gables series (You may have read the first book, but there are 7 in the series, I love all of them!!)
    Princess Academy (if you like more modern writing, this is a good one, I don't like her other works, though)
    That's all I can think of for now, hope these help!

  2. Some books...
    Divergent by Veronica Roth & it's sequel(s)! (Action/Adventure, romance, awesomeness, indescribable beauty and you've got this covered!)
    I am Morgan le Fay by Nancy Springer! (Fantasy-ish cool stuff with a touch of romance.)
    Westmark, The Kestrel and The Beggar Queen by Lloyd Alexander. (Action, fantasy elements, humor and much, MUCH more.)

    Layla n

  3. 39 Clues Series. They're a really easy read, and amazingly fast paced. (yes, my easily-bored brain needs something that's around 150 pages long and where they're almost getting killed at every turn... how scary... =P) They only use OMG like maybe once a book (and sometimes not even that) in some of the later books, just to be warned... (but since you've survived Rangers Apprentice, I think you'll be fine ;)) God bless:)

  4. Thanks for commenting girls!
    Christina: awesome! I've been needing to read the Scarlet Pimpernel:) yay!! There're sequels! I LOVED the Anne books! I need to read the book about Rilla still though:)
    Layla: I have Divergent on hold at the library :D I'll add I am Morgan Le Fay on my list;)
    Storyteller: those sound awesome! Also going on my list:D

    Thanks for taking time to give me some ideas!


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