Saturday, July 13, 2013

Books and Music<3

So I'm reading a FANTASTIC new series that I'm pretty sure at least three of you have read.
Rangers Apprentice. 
Oh yeah.  I practically devoured the first two and I have books 3 and 4 on hold. I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!!  The only problem is that it does use 'the D word' a few times and it does sometimes uses the Lords name in vain.
When I first started reading book 1 I was a little unsure that I would like it. I know, I know. If I like LOVE Lord Of The Rings and Knights Of The Round Table why wouldn't I like this series? I don't know. I don't know what in the world I was thinking! It's amazing!
I'm going to be honest and say that in the beginning of book 1, I HATED Horace. I honestly can't believe I felt like that. And I think my favorite of favorites is Halt. I love that he's so serious. I love that he's humble. And I adore the relationship he has with Will. I love that Will means so much to him. And yes, Will is awesome too:D he's just so awesome I can't pick out what I love most about his character!

The next series I'm going to read is.............
I've been wanting to read this for a while now after I kept seeing it show up in comments or blog posts. I'm going to start book 1 tonight:)

Honestly over the last couple months I've realized how much reading really does mean to me. It's like a spoonful of sugar after a taste of life's medicine;)

I've also realized how much music means to me now. I randomly realized the other day that I can't write without listening to something. I can't do schoolwork without it. I know it's really strange:-/ but it really has been a thing lately:)
That's why I've got a whole pile of CD's on hold at the library too! Taylor Swift, One Direction, Owl City, Hunter Hayes, Britt Nicole and I tried to look for an Ed Sheeran CD but my library doesn't have one:-/ I need to find some CD's by Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, Toby Mac and.... I can't remember his name! Ugh! I'll tell you if I remember:P

Whale..... I'm gonna go and bury myself in a Codebearers book;D



  1. LOVE. BOTH. THOSE. BOOKS. SO. MUCH!!!!!!!!! The reason I stopped reading the Ranger's Apprentice books, though, is because of the D word. They kept on using it more and more. =P

    1. I love them too!
      It's a shame that they had to ruin the series with bad words:( What can you do though:-/
      I'm loving Codebearers so far! I really like Sam xD

  2. Aw I know what you mean I've never cared for at all before
    like two years ago and than suddenly I was listening to music all the time
    I even upgraded from a radio to a kindle to an iPod because I loved music
    so much!
    Your Friend

    1. Me too! It was like, I didn't care for it, I'm starting to like it, and now I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! I'm so happy I have my iPod now for that reason:D


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