Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lazyness, pirates and autograph dreams...

Heyyyy everybody!

So today has been one of those extremely LAZY days:)
My parents and three little sisters are gone to the dentist and my brother Nathan and I volunteered to stay home:) woohoo;D
We've been having a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon! We've got all the movies except the newest one and we haven't watched them in a while so why not?
It was a debate between LOTR or POTC... My bro has been more into pirates though and I let him decide;)

Actually, I'm glad he chose Pirates. I forgot how much I actually like the series. Johnny Depp did such a good job with Captain Jack Sparrow!

Also, I was texting with my bestie and she told me how she has his autograph. That got me thinking... Why don't I try to do an autograph album? I want to get the autographs of the casts from LOTR, The Hobbit, Star Wars (don't judge me I just love them.), Avengers, Narnia and Sherlock because it would be the most awesome thing on the universe.

Oh! We had to order book 3 of the Rangers Apprentice series and I wasn't supposed to get it for about 4 months but my mom picked up my holds from the library and lo and behold BOOK THREE WAS IN THE BOOK BAG!!!! I was sooo excited!

And! Guess what I get to do this fall? I get to be a volunteer Librarian and an explorer for the Fire Department:D being an explorer means I'm basically a volunteer without pay. 
I get to learn met basics or basic first aid. Because my dad is a Firefighter-Paramedic he has taught me a lot about first aid so I think I can ace the first couple classes.
I'd also get really get job references which will be really handy in the next few year.
Savvy? (Sorry;D I'm into pirates now xD thanks Nathan!)

Okay, the tele is calling! I'm off to watch the 3rd POTC!

Buh bye:)



  1. Sounds like an awesome day! Love POTC. :)
    An autograph album would be so cool!
    I was a volunteer at our library for about 6 months in 2012, it was great!

    1. It was:)
      Yeah I think I'm gonna do it just for a hobby;)
      Hey that's awesome! I'm excited to do it because I've always wanted to be a librarian:) I'll be a librarian in training :D

  2. Ranger's Apprentice is SO AWESOME! There is some cursing though, so that's a downside.


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