Sunday, September 2, 2012


Okay....  So I won't lie....  We are hunters in my family.  And I'm not ashamed of it:-D  My Dad hunts, my brother hunts, my sister Allison hunts...  I used to hunt too.  But after a few years I decided I couldn't.  I can NOT kill... 
Are any of you uncomfortable with hunting?  I just need you to say the word and I won't say any more about hunting. 

Well....  My dad and brother are going Elk hunting.  They left today for a week long trip...  Sadness...  I miss them already.  They are about two hours away from where we live, but still, I miss them... 

Standing by the window,
Watching them pack their things,
Holding back tears for after they go,
I give my brother a hug,
And my daddy a kiss,
I stand on the porch waving goodbye,
I look at the trail of dust in the air,
Where the car quickly disapreared down the drive,
Getting out my guitar and playing it softly,
I let the tears fall then wipe them off,
I stand up to face the day,
The missing of two family members stands out way to clear,
My brother my friend,
And my father, protecter,
I pray for them to safely return.


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  1. That's sad. :( Hope they get back safe! Like your new blog additions!! =D


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