Monday, February 18, 2013

I apologize/can I give you a Hebrew lesson???


Yes.  I'm still alive.  My family has "limited" wi-fi connection and we some-how used up 95% and it did not reset till today.  So I was only allowed to be on for 20 minuets or so:-D  But I'm back now;-)

I want to learn languages.  I really want to be a Travelling R.N. (aka Registered Nurse) so I need to know a few more languages....  I want to learn Hebrew, German, French (what girl doesn't???), and Scottish Gaelic.
A friend of mine found a website that gives free "Conversational Hebrew" lessons.

I can show you some words in English-Hebrew which is Hebrew spelled and taught in English.

Tov = Good;  Boker = Morning

Boker + Tov = Good Morning.

Cool huh? 

Yeled = Boy 
Yeled Tov = Good Boy

Kelev = Dog
Kelev Tov = Good Dog

Yom = Day
Yom Tov = Good Day

Laila = Night
Laila Tov = Good Night

And ya' want to know something crazy?  The words "Hi" and "Bye": people in Israel have adopted those into their language!  

How about this: A greeting and goodbye.

Shalom = Hello; Peace 
(and it can mean tons of other things too.)

Lehitraot = Good bye.

Yes and No:

Ken = Yes

Lo = No

Thank You:

Toda = Thank You; Thanks

Alright; Okay:

Beseder = Alright; Okay

Ex.  Ze beseder = It is Okay
Hakol beseder = Everything is alright.

Okay is also a common word in Hebrew also:-D

Okay:-)  I'll quit pestering you!  

Lehitraot!  Good Bye;-)


P.S.  I had a dream last night in German.  Like, that's the language everyone was speaking.  And, I was trying to speak it and people knew what I was saying.  It was very odd....

P.S.S.  I had another dream that I walked into a crowed and it was all of you guys!  It was awesome!  AND.  Everyone who was in the Unusuals all had the powers of their characters!  It was awesome!


  1. Cool my dad taught me some Hebrew
    Hashamime Misapreme Kavoad El and that means
    The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.
    ~Poem Girl

  2. That's so cool, Maddie!! haha the only thing I'm learning is Spanish. =D Really?! You had a dream about us!?? Did I tell you that I dreamed I met you? (Is your name Maddie? Do you have a blog called Totally Me!? Hey, I'm Storyteller!!) :) Sweet, so, I could like create things.....? ;D

    1. Yes! I did have a dream and yes you could make awesome stuff:-D It was really awesome! Jenny taught something about turtles and you drew a turtle for demonstration, Britt used her laser eyes to destroy a hunk of concrete, D and Willow where hilarious, and Ruth and Odessa talked about something........ I think it had to do with Zane being a Healer:-D (Even though Zane wasn't there:-D)



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