Friday, June 22, 2012



How are you everyone???  I'm great!!!!  I've missed you all so much!  It looks like I've missed lots of neat posts by you guys....  Bummer.....

Sooooo where do I start???  So much has happened in the past month!  The first thing I'll start with is my newest blog.  Prayer Warriors Club.  My family just recently lost a very dear friend.  And that started me thinking.  What if I could put up a club that would help widows, orphans, the poor, and the injured that need to be prayed for?  Or what about the people that are stuck between believing in our Creator and not believing anything?  Personally, I believe that there isn't enough prayers in the world.
I will leave the link on here when I finish setting up the blog spot.

Ummmmmmmmmm....  I just had a friend turn 12.  And I would like to say a few words:-)
Silence-  Thank you for being my friend.  I couldn't imagine life without you!  You have helped me with so much!  On my 12th birthday, I made a vow of purity to my father.  12 is a very important age in my eyes.  It's when you start to figure out who you are, your dreams, and who you want to be.  May the Father bless you in all your days!  And happy (late-ish) birthday!!!

Hey have any of you watched "John Carter"?  I just watched it!  It's a combo of Star Wars, Tron, and Star Trek.  It's AWESOME!!! 

Oh and I need some advice from you guys.  I'm going to make 3 really crazy necklaces for an entry into the Calallam County Fair and I need some themes!!!  I'm going to do 1 swim/beach/summer style necklace,  but what about the other 2?
Can't wait for you ideas!!!!!


(Or Maddie for short)

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  1. Dear Constence,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    And thank you for following my blog!
    My Heavenly Father has blessed me greatly with friends in the blogging world to help me with the layout of my blog. I give all the credit to her and my Heavenly Father.
    I would love to hear more from you.

    1 Thess. 5:16
    Tasha Anne


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