Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Writing Majestically

Hello one and all:) after coming home with a broken and dumbstruck heart from The Hobbit part 2, I remembered that I had at one time pinned a how-to-write-in-elvish graph. Yesterday I looked it up and also found out how to write Dwarvish runes! So I've been spending a lot of time learning how to write majestically:)
There are three different forms I've been studying of Middle Earthian languages. I can't remember the proper titles, but they are in the photo below:
And here is another form of elvish:

Dwarvish!!! I think that it's probably favorite:)
And then there's how to make your writing look elvish which I'm really bad at... But I'm practicing.
See? It's not that different from our cursive alphabet! I'm also trying to learn the Hobbits alphabet because I love them and would love to write like that :)

^ I love that:) Dwarvish is cool:)

^ translation: I Am Durin

^i scribbled in my school books... Haha x) 

^and this mess was my first attempt at elvish lettering with a Calligraphy pen. 

Eventually I want to learn to speak Elvish and Dwarf just for the fun of it!!! 

Well, I have to go but I hope this post amused you:)


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  1. I would LOVE to learn to speck Elvish and Dwarfish. I think it would be so cool!
    I can't wait to go see the Hobbit in theaters. (the second part of course) :-D


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