Sunday, December 1, 2013

Her Universe

So, a while back I discovered one of the most awesome clothing websites EVER.

How many of you know who Ahsoka Tano is? Well this clothing line is run by Ashley Eckstein, the lady who voices Ahsoka. She grew up as a fangirl and noticed how many girls were just like her. She noticed how companies only made fan apparel for men and boys. Girls didn't have the option of being the fans that they wanted to be. That's when she decided to open up a store for fangirls all over the world. 

You should really check it out. 
I am currently in love with the Hope Lounge Hoodie. It's just so adorable!!!
This store sells adorable clothing... Just adorable:)

It's a great site for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who. 

I haven't gotten anything from the site - yet - but I've heard that the clothing is all really good quality:)
I'm hoping to get some cloths from there soon though, as soon as I make some money!

So yeah, check it out :)

Maybe I'll talk myself into writing an actually entertaining post later x)

Bye guys:)


  1. YES! I'm in LOOOOVE with Her Universe<3 I have a Star Wars dress and a Doctor Who skirt from there and I just love them. I want to buy everything they have!

  2. Love that online store =D The R2D2 Tunic was my fav =) Love it!


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