Monday, May 6, 2013

Just a quick hello~

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't been on:P. my life has been busy:P
I missed writing on Star Wars day and Revenge of the 5th:(. Darn...
Hey, I got my iPod! That's actually what I'm posting with:D. I made a really cute cosy/case for it! There should be a picture of it in this post....
Hey Storyteller! I LOVE the new design!!!! It's great! And honestly just like my mood:D. Thank you!
Our baby humming birds are getting big really fast! It's crazy and awesome:)
I've been writing a book that I hope I'll be able to post in the next 2-3 months:). I can't wait to we what you guys will say!
The spy book I hope to get done around the same time.

Well I guess I should go now:(. I don't have anything else very interesting to post...
Love you all!


  1. Hi Maddie! I love the new design. :) I love the ipod case too! It looks really cute! I didn't know you were a starwars know it all. :P Last night I just watched Revenge of the Sith. LONG movie but it was really good as always. ;)

    See ya! Melody

  2. Hey Mel!
    Yeah Storyteller is a pretty talented girl:).
    Thanks about the case:). I love crochet! It's so easy to make little things like that!
    Haha yeah I am a Star Wars geek. I don't know everything yet:). Like the dates? I'm bad enough with dates as it is:D.
    I need to watch the saga soon... I haven't watched it on like 3 months:P
    Thanks for commenting:).

  3. Glad about your book! I'm currently nearly 100 pages into a book I've only been writing for a week!!!!!! Exciting!!!!


    1. Hey Layla! Thanks! Glad for yours! 100 pages in a week?!?!? Oh I envy you! I usually write like 30 pages.... I'm a slow writer:D

  4. Just 4 u know I awarded to on my blog =D


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