Monday, April 29, 2013

The Random Post Of Everything

Hey everyone!

So, I'll tell you about the last few days.... Just the details...:)

6 days ago: My mom had just pulled up after shopping.  I was making a dramatic exit, when I fell.  I fell out the door:P  I hurt my right hip and it felt tight all night....  Then when I woke up my ankle hurt when I put pressure on it.  It feels better- but my dad said I might have a little sprain.  Great.

5 days ago:  I daydreamed a crazy book plot.  I wrote it down and it'll be crazy when I get it written!

3 days ago:  We cleaned the house....  And finished up school for the week....  I complained that I didn't have anything to listed to on my MP3.
We stayed up really late watching "Read it and Weep" and "Suite Life on Deck."

2 day ago:  I found an ipod I could afford.  My mom bought it for me;D  I have to pay her for it, but I don't care!  I found the exact one I want for a third of the normal price!  I'm really excited!  It should be shipped out tonight.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!  It's supposed to be here by may 2nd!
I looked at tons of patterns for iPod cases.  People will buy cute cases for like $20 that have been knitted and Crocheted, so I'll start making some of those:D

I realized how much I really enjoy watching some Disney TV shows.  I really enjoy Good Luck Charlie, Austin and Alley and The Suite Life (On Deck).  

Today:  I found a website that showed some cool Star Wars behind the scenes images here.  I stormed up another book plot.  My ankle feels better today, thankfully!  
I promise that I'll post part 5 of Archer soon!

Hey!  Tomorrow is my 1st blogiversary!  I don't know if I can post tomorrow, but if I can I'll try doing a quiz or something:D



  1. Awesome, Maddie. :) And so sorry about your ankle/hip! YEEK!! I know what it's like to be injured. =P I'll be praying for you!! :) Hey, today's your blogoversary, right?! Happy Blogoversary!! :)

    1. Thanks! My ankle/kip feel better and pale in comparison to your injury! And thanks! I'll try to post something soon!


    2. You're welcome. :) Great!! Can't wait!! :)

      By the way, do you want a new design soon? :)

    3. :)
      Yeah I think a new design would be cool!
      I love your designs!!! Can't wait to see it :)

    4. OK!! :) I got your header and button done, and I'll put everything up tomorrow. :)


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