Thursday, April 4, 2013

WARNING! RANDOM WRITING! *I just had to get it off my chest... It's just a ranty-ravey thing.*

I'm Remembering

For everything I never said,
I wish I could tell you now.
Every day I shake my head
and ask myself why I never did.
You'd always make my day
The hugs you gave where always free,
That when we made our future plans,
We always would agree.

I wish I could ask you if you remember
What we where going to do,
The boat we wanted to buy
so we could travel around the world,
Was it's name "the Jolly Joan?"
Or did we even decide?
With a Bible in hand and a friendly smile,
We where going to tell the world
every thing we loved about God.

Can you remember our book?
The one we tried to write
about two brave girls and their adventures?
Or when we pretended to be in Scotland
Braving the great Loch?
Trying to find the "monster" that hid beneath our dock?

The old fort up in the woods,
I go there every day.
Remembering the time
Our Barbie dolls and we where
Pretending to be runaways
Hiding from an evil queen.

I can't help but wonder often,
Do you think of me?
I'm remembering you
and the times we've had
I'm remembering the stories
You would tell me...

While remembering our "secret" box
That we so carefully hid away,
Can you remember what we did?
We hid it near by Fairy Land
and it's still right there today.

Ages have come and gone,
the past quietly fading,
Our dreams now whisper to the wind
Without the adventures
of our younger years
We wouldn't be what we are today...

I know, i know...  Atrocious rhyming and  it doesn't make sense.....  Like I said, it's just one of my "ranty-ravey" things...  :-D




  1. Maddie, it's beautiful! :) Yes, I remember full well, still wanna go to Scotland with me? The adventure's still up, and the hugs are still free. <3

    1. Thanks Kare! I would go to Scotland with you in a heart-beat!!! It would be WONDERFUL to go on an adventure together:D
      They say life is the biggest adventure, but it's way sweeter if you have a wonderful friend along<3
      Miss you!!

  2. Wow! That is amazing! That rhyming is not atrocious, I REALLY liked that! AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Britt! I'm glad you girls liked it<3



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