Sunday, April 21, 2013

i'm going to show off my sisters awesomeness...

have i ever told you that my little sis, Allison, is an artist?  well, she is spectacular!  i apologize for the pictures being crooked, but i was taking pictures and the wind was blowing...  i had to take them fast:P  but anyhow, here are her best pictures<3

wolf!  yeah, Alice has a wolf obsession...   

 another wolf...
 this is just a doodle of her dragon.  she's writing a book and these are some of her book characters!

 wolf wearing helmet....
 armored wolf....
 armored wolf in fighting position...
 fuzzy wolf...
 humming bird:D
 this is the most colorful.  she really did a good job:)
 sword, belt and sheath.
 this is her most realistic wolf!  it's really neat!  and way better in real life<3
 character wolfs.....
 this is Kujo!  he's a star wars action figure of Allison's:) she drew this with sharpies...  i prefer drawing with sharpies:D she copied me...
this is a picture of Allisons, Sadies and Rebekahs favorite toys:D  from left to right: snoopy (sadies), black racer (allisons), and cargo (rebekahs).  Oh, it says super dog in case you couldn't read it...

isn't she awesome?!?!?!?  
tell me what your favorite picture is in a comment so i can tell her what you said!!!
later you awesome girls!


  1. WOW! She is so good=) I LOVED THE WOLF ONES! And your sis is so pretty=)

    1. Thanks Britt! She'll be happy you LOVED her wolves!!! And yes, she is very pretty:D

  2. Those are all so good! I admit, I have something for wolves, too. They may be brutal but they fascinate me. I feel like writing a story about a child who grows up with wolves now... :)

    1. They are very fascinating... And if you do the story, make my sis the main character:D I swear you can't get any/anything as wild/wilder than Allison. Thanks for your comment<3

  3. She is SO talented!!! That's amazing!! And yes, Allison is very pretty!


    1. I'll tell her you said that!... She says thanks!

  4. Replies
    1. I know it! She says thanks to you:D

  5. Whoa! She is awesome! I like Kujo a lot. I think I have that action figure too :) Tell her I like them, please!


    1. Thanks for your comment D! Allison is ecstatic that you like Kujo:D she thanks you:)


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