Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Have you ever...

...Had someone that you haven't seen for YEARS randomly show up at your house???
Well, guess what happened to me yesterday!
A family who I haven't visited for almost 5 years came up to our house!
My mom dad and 2 of my little sissies where at Wal-Mart.
Nathan, Rebekah and I stayed home to keep an eye on the fort (so to speak=D)...
Not 20 minuets after they left a blue car drives up.  Our 3 dogs are barking like crazy, and I recognize the driver.  Out of the car comes all (okay, almost all...  The oldest stayed home...) of the White family.

Mrs. White was asking us if we remembered her and her kids and I was like, HOW COULD WE FORGET!?!?!  They were our best friends for YEARS!

I''ll list all of the White kids-
Oldest, Kare *pronounced "care-ah"* is 18 (she stayed home)
C.J. (Calvin Josiah) is 16
Nekodah is 15 (or he's going to be...  I can only remember that his b'day is in April...  I thought it was April 1st but I may be wrong.)
Anna is 13
Samantha is 12
Noah (he's a cutie) is 9
Titus is 7
and then the youngest 
Eliel is 6

So the older boys are totally towering over my brother (who at only 13 it the tallest one in the family...).
Last time we ran into the boys, Nathan was as tall as C.J.  and I was taller than Nekodah.  That was about 2 years ago right after I stopped growing...  And now they are GIGANTIC.  I'm like 2 feet shorter than them now....
 And Anna and Sam (Samantha's old nickname) are super pretty now:D  
And the little boys are super duper adorable<3

Bye:-D  Thanks for letting me get out my EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!



  1. That sounds fun!!!! Josiah (9) gets called cute ALL the time and he hates it!!! :) I'll bet Noah would HATE you if he knew you said that:) I at 10 am only like two inches shorter than Ian, almost 18 because he is tiny and I am huge:) Haha! It brings many jokes, I must say.


    1. It was TONS of fun<3 Yeah, I'll bet Noah would hate it but what can I say??? He's a doll<3 He's just got a really sweet heart<3

      Haha!!! I'll bet your big bro' is LOVING that;D You can tell him not to feel like he's the only one:-D
      See, I kinda adopted a friend as a brother (okay, he adopted me for a little sis and I adopted him back:D) and he's 25....
      I'm 2 inches shorter than him:-D Simon doesn't mind though! As long as I stay shorter than him he's still in power (lol...).


  2. haha no, actually, nothing like that's happened... but we surprised our cousin by showing up at her tennis practice. =D

    1. I'll bet your cousin was happy:D
      Thanks for commenting<3


  3. Hi Maddie,
    this is Kare. :) It has been forever! My brother told me that he saw you a while back, and I was shocked just because it has been soo terribly long! :) I love your photography and writing, it's great. Keep it up.

    1. Hi!!!!!
      I'm so excited that I found your blog! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you where doing as I was flipping through profiles when I saw your name. I almost died... I was so sure it was you, then I wasn't so sure it was you... I finally braved it and commented! I'm so blessed I did!!!

      Which brother said they saw us??? Asking just out of curiosity:-D

      Thank you!! I love writing and photography!!!



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