Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hey everyone!

So, I've been working on my spy book (the one staring most of you), and I hope to get that done sometime in the next month and a half!  Yay!

I spent most of the day planning how to redo my room.  IT. WILL. BE. AWESOME!  I'll have to do before and after pictures to show you what a deference it will be!

The night of the bombing, I had a dream.  I'm turning that dream into a book.  It'll be really cool (I hope:P)!

Here's an paragraph, just to peak your interest:D  I still don't know what to name the book yet:-P

'The thick cloud cleared around them, revealing a green valley.
Via Google
“What happened?” Mason asked, stunned. 
Jeremy glanced around. “Where are we?  Audrey!  What’s wrong?”
They all looked.  Her face was white and her hands were shaking.  She sat on the ground and covered her face with her hands.
“I’m so sorry!” She sobbed. “I wasn’t trying to, I swear!  I forgot not to read it that way!  I shouldn’t have read it to you!”
“Audrey, what are you talking about?” Alex crouched next to her. 
“I-…  You promise you will not tell a living soul about this?” She looked up.
“Wh-”  Jeremy started.
“Will you promise?”  She interrupted her eyes full of fear.
Alex stood and looked at Mason. 
Mason nodded slightly.  “We promise.  We won’t tell anyone.” He said, speaking for all of them.
Audrey wiped her eyes and put her arms around her legs.  “You are in Achten Valley, Kenchat.”
“You’re kidding.” Jeremy shook his head.
“No I’m not.  You really are in the valley.  I…  I read us into my book.”
They all stared at her.'

Whacha think???  
I've gotta go:P


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