Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hello folks!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging!  I'm a slacker.  We've been super busy!  You know...  Summer stuff... 

I want to thank those who have been awarding me!!!  I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to post those for a bit... 

It was my sister Sadie's birthday on the 12th!  She is now 9 years old:-)   She got a doll with red hair, blue eyes, and the dolls name is (drum roll please)....... Sadie!  Ha ha ha:-)  It's Sadie's dolly twin:-D

Yesterday we went swimming with a few friends we don't hang out with very often.  It was super fun!  Our friend has a boat so we got to do a few water sports!  My dad went Wake-Boarding.  It's kinda like skate boarding except the board is wider:-)  The wife of the guy who owns the boat tried water skiing, and then did the knee-board:-)  And my siblings and I (and a few others) inter tubed!!!  does everybody know what a barrel looks like when it's rolling down a hill?  Well,  when you crash on an inter tube, you roll across the watter.  Like a barrel!

Okay.  Today was the first day of our county fair!  I entered 3 necklaces and 3 photos.  I got 3 blue ribbons for my necklaces and for my best piece a "best in class" award!  I was freaking out because I couldn't stand the suspense!  Well...  I did okay in the beading division!!!!  And then came the photography:-D  Now, I couldn't wait to see if I did good in photography....  BUT.  I was scared because if I did so good in beading, how would that effect my pictures?  As it turns out, it didn't effect my photos that much because I walked away with a 2nd place ribbon!!!  YAY!  This has been a really good year! 

I'll try and post the pictures I entered on here sometime!!! 



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