Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well, I got Divergent from the library and read it today. 
And you know something? I'll never think the same of chocolate cake again. Or the number 4. Or the colors grey and black. Or jumping. Or guns. Or needles.
 Lol, i could keep going on and on if i wanted too xD
In other words; I really liked it. Veronica Roth did a really good job.
There was a little to much using the Lords name in vain and kissing/mushy stuff for my taste, but that aside it is one of  the best books I've ever read. Like, ever.
I can't even explain how i feel about the book.

Tris was awesome. Tobias was perfect. Will was adorable and I'm REALLY not happy that he died. 
I cried over Al. Christina wasn't my favorite but she was okay. 
Uriah was hilarious (I laughed so hard at the zipline part xD)!!! Caleb was pretty cool. I wanted to choke Eric. And then Tori. Ah. Now that's a character i really enjoyed. She seems so strong.
Also, I really loved Tris's Mom. That is the kind of character you mourn for, but you know that she died bravely and then you're not so sad. It makes you look up to her.

I can't wait to read the next book. Which I still am waiting for to come in on hold. 

Well, I def' think this is an older read, maybe 13+ just because of how much kissing and other content was in it. But i really enjoyed the adventure.

"That's my girl! Tough as cotton balls." ~Will
"I might go, if there was cake." ~Four
"I am Brave." ~Tris
Okay! Latter gators!


  1. I loved this book for a lot of the same reasons as you! :D I just read it last week! :D IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!! I'm still waiting for people ahead of me to get the second book from the library! :P

    1. Yeah it was really awesome:D I'm waiting for book 2 also. Haha I'm like 2 out of 5 others who are wanting to read it!
      I'm really excited to get it:D

  2. Neat! Sounds very cool! :D

    LOL! Tough as cotton balls ... hehehe! Defiantly something I would/am dieing laughing over!!

    God Bless,

    1. Yeah it is really good:) it's not at all Christian, but it is very enjoyable!

      Lol! I died laughing over that line! It was funny:)

      I hope you like it if you read it!

  3. Yes!!! I loved this book so much, and the sequel!


    1. This book is fantastic! I can't wait to read book two!!!!!


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