Friday, September 6, 2013

MEET MAJORAGFAN BECASUE SHE IS THE AWESOMEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! haha jk. (No, she is really awesome. I wasn't joking about that part.) I'll try to be normal for this post. *Clears throat* Meet MajorAGFan.

Hello one and all of my delightful little fairies!

For this very special occasion I would like you all to go to my one of my bestest friends blog, My Dolls And Me; An American Girl Doll Blog!
(Okay, now don't completely leave me. I have a few other things to tell you before you close this tab.)

MajorAGFan is selling a few things American Girl and asked me if I would spread the word.
(Duh! She is my bestie! Of course I'll post this for her! LOVE YOU GURLLL! Haha ;) )
She has a really neat blog and YouTube page and I know it would make her day if you followed her and subscribed!!!

And for a bonus!!! IF you follow and subscribe I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!

Sorry xD I'm feeling really cheesy today! You know I love y'all already right?

Okay I'm gonna run, but know that I WILL RETURN! I'm not gonna leave you again for a long time, i hope:)

Lots of love,

P.S. Over the course of the last month my name has been changed by my family. Haha! its now Mads. so, You guys can now call me three things: Madeline, Maddie or Mads. whatever suits your fancy:) BUH BYEEEEE!!!

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