Tuesday, September 3, 2013

long time no see...

Hey people! I'm sooooo sorry I haven't been on! I'll try to make it up by posting a ton.
August is a really busy month for us. It's always full of fun things that keep is on our toes;)

The first week was a week of preparation. We spent the whole time cleaning house and packing so we could go down the weekend with some really good friends. In fact, our whole bible study group went to their house! It was so much fun and I want to go again:)

On August 12 was my sister Sadie's 10th birthday! She had the cutest cake too! The lady friend who made it shaped it like a slice :D have you every had butter cream frosting? Well, if you want to live to a ripe old age I would recommend never eating it. That stuff is so perfect it's addicting. My hearts still Brocken that we don't have anymore of that frosting.

Also on the 12th, we dropped off fair projects. I was soooo excited but as soon as we left the fair grounds I got really nervous. 

August 15th: because my mom and I had Bible Study later that day, we went early. We also brought our good friend Zelta:) she is such a neat lady! I'm sure y'all would love her to pieces!
Anywho; the first entries we went through  were the beading my sister and I had done and my brothers wood work. 
Sadie and Rebekah entered bracelets and they each got a 1st place ribbon. Yay for them! Allison entered a beaded lizard, which also got a 1st place ribbon. 
For my brothers wood work he had entered a walking stick and a pipe. He got blue ribbons too:) (by the way: blue = first place.) he was pretty happy:)
Then my beading. blue ribbons on my three necklaces! AND a best in show necklace! WOO HOOO!!!! talk about a thrill ;D

Next was my photography. SECOND. PLACE. YESSSS!!! it was the picture of my sister Allison :D and i got a 3rd place in the animal division and 3rd in the portrait division. I was (still am!) realllyyyyyyyyyyyy excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last of all; my sister Allison also entered three AMAZING Wolf sketches she had done, but she only got honorable mentions. I wasn't very happy about that. She seriously had the best sketches on the wall! bummer.... But we all gave her a virtual 1st place and that cheered her up a bit:)

That was all fun;)

THEN! FIREWOOD! That's all really boring though ;D

We've been to the library a few times... I haven't really read a book worth noting though :-/
Other than RANGERS APPRENTICE. I really really REALLY love this series!
The last time we went to the library I had put books 4, 5, 6 and 7 on hold and was standing in line to check out when this guy behind me says,"Hey! I love that series! I read them all! They were really good. Did you know that there's a new one being published?"
Haha it was funny.

Two weeks ago my mom left with all the ladies of our bible study to go to a Woman's Retreat in Seatle. She had a good time.

I'm glad she had fun. Because back at home I was the replacement and I'm just going to throw it out there, My mom is my hero. I don't know how she does it. The house cluttered up every 5 minuets, dishes piled sky high in the sink, the floor was hidden under toys and such... Okay. I'm kidding. It wasn't that bad. 
But it was still hard :-/

Then she came home:) everything was back to normal! Woohoo!

Two days later she left to go to California with my aunt Susie and cousins MacKenzie and Katie. They went to go see my other aunt, Aunt Joni (aunt Susie's sister;D).
Fun times.

For the first three days I babysat my cousin Mitchel. That was sooo boring xD all we did was play Wii and I drew. Lol.
Then I came home and was greeted by grubby siblings and a messy house. They got cleaned up and I picked up the house xD oh the fun! The best thing was that I could watch movies while I cleaned. That made it tolerable.

Then last night my mom came home! YAY! Back to normal now!
It's nice having her back:)

Now I've got things to do. Finish my application for the library so I can be a Volunteer, and fill out a whole pile of papers to be a Fire Department Explorer with my brother:) that should be fun too.
Since my dad works for the fire department my bro and I could go on calls with my dad. AWESOME! Sooo excited :D

So, before I go I just wanted to thank those of you who have awarded me and I'm really sorry that I haven't been on to put them up. I'll try to get them up soon:)

Lots of love, apologies and virtual hugs for all of you! Thanks!



  1. Congratulations on all the awards at the fair!:D

  2. Lol, loved reading this. :) Sounds like a crazy, awesome time! That's so cool that you're going to volunteer at the library, I did that for about 6 months a while back and loved it!

    1. Haha it was a real good month:)
      Yeah I'm super pumped to be volunteering! I love being around books:) that cool that you did it! I can not wait:D

  3. AH!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! YAY YAY YAY. :) Congrats so much to everybody in your family!! That's so awesome!!!! :) Do you guys have like rosettes at your fair? Just wondering. We do at ours. They're purple and white. (I love purple :)) Anyway... ;) What's a Fire Department Explorer???? That sounds so cool!!! lol that's so hilarious about the books and guy!! Just kidding, but it's like, "IT'S JOSH FROM THE UNUSUALS!!! ACK!!" JK lol :D

    1. Yeah I'm happy I'm back too :D
      I've missed blogging!!!

      Thank you! And yeah I think we've got white ones:)

      A fire department Explorer is basically a volunteer without pay.
      We get first aid classes, fire drills, we get to roll up the fire hoses, we get to go to live fires on the fire truck and if we do a good job there's a possibility that after we turn 18 they'll offer us a Fire job:) and if we don't want the job we still get really good references for a future job.
      If my brother and I get in for this season I'll post about it:)

      Lol! Yeah the guy was really funny because he seemed like one of those quiet guys and he got all excited about the books xD


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