Sunday, May 6, 2012



So we went to Applets and Cotlets today!  Have you ever eaten an Applet and Cotlet?  They are like...  Um...  You've eaten gum-drops right?  Well imagine those in little squares and in different flavors!  Like: Blue-Barry, Peach, Apple, Cherry, and Raspberry etc...  They've also got "Turkish Delights"! 

We also went to the Pioneer Museum:-)  That was REALLY cool!  We seen Indian beadwork all over.  There was a Cradle-Board that they completely covered in beadwork!  Their dolls were really neat too!
I've got a book on Annie Oakley!  I've always wanted to know more about her!

I'm not making much sense am I?  I'm really tired!  Sorry if this is confusing! 

We went to a family owned Cider mill!!  That was really fun:-)  The girl who helped us out told us about a really cool restaurant!  Its called "Studebaker"!  It was a '50's style diner!   They had posters and signs of ALL the popular '50's singers, drinks, and food!  I had a burger called the "Rickey Ricardo"!  It was roasted jalapenos, guacamole, and pepper jack cheese, on a burger and bun!  It was sooooooooo good!!!  It was a HUGE burger though!  I'm SOOOOO full!

Then we went to an antique mall:-)  There was old hats and really old leather gloves:-)  There was one old hat I fell in love with!  And one pair of very neat gloves:-)  They fit me very well too:-D

Bye, everyone!!!


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